Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Recap of Last Week!

As slow as the week seemed each day that I was at work, it truly did fly by! We had lots going on!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss!

On Wednesday we had Jordyn's parent/teacher conference. We really like her teacher and appreciate all of the things she has to say about Jordyn, and also all of the wonderful things she teachers our daughter! Jordyn loves school, and that is very clear as we look through her school work. She works very hard. It sounds like she may need a few reminders to not talk at times. Ha! :)

On Wednesday night we went out for dinner with Jade, Megan, Matt and Michelle. It was so much fun to get together again after such a fun vacation with them! We had a new baby-sitter come for a couple of hours. She works at Jordyn's after school program and she also goes to our church. It sounds like the kids had fun with Johanna!

I took the girls to my school on Thursday night for the 1st grade through 3rd grade music program. Our music teacher is retiring after 39 years of teaching (24 of those years at JH). The program was nice -- and yes, the teachers even had to sing!

On Friday night we took the kids to the gym to play basketball ... and we ended up in a planking contest. :)

On Saturday night, Justin's company had a work get-together at the Skyforce game. My cousin, Kylea, baby-sat the kids. They were so excited to see her!

Justin was asked to do the free throw contest during the game. He won us all pizza! Ha!

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