Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crazy Hair Day!

Jordyn had Crazy Hair Day last Friday at school. Imagine my panic when I arrived at work and then remembered about 20 minutes later that she needed her hair done.

I knew I was forgetting something that morning! I kept telling that to Jordyn, but I couldn't figure out what it was ... we went through her homework list ... her reading log wasn't due yet ... she already said her Bible verse for the month ... no show and tell ... I just couldn't figure out what I was forgetting.

Justin had about 30 minutes to put everything together. Megan even offered to meet him in the parking lot at school to take over. Ha! :)

But ... he pulled it off ...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jordyn ~ Spring Concert

SFC had their K-2 Spring Music Concert last week! They did two performances - one during the day on Wednesday and the other on Thursday evening.

Justin and my parents went to the afternoon performance on Wednesday. Jordyn had one little extra part (shaking the maracas). :)

Justin, Jayla, Jax and I all went on Thursday night. Justin's parents and Grandma Helen also joined us! 

The Fruit of the Spirit's not a grape! :)

Jordyn and Zach :)

Jayla's First Sleepover!

Jayla went to her first sleepover on Friday night! She was so excited about it!!

Jayla's best friend's name is Lauren. Lauren and Jayla have been in daycare/preschool together since they were about 2 years old. They were separated for about 8 months when we transitioned Jayla to the preschool part. Lauren came over just a little later, but the two picked up right where they left off!

Lauren's mom picked up the girls from preschool on Friday, so Jayla had to bring her sleepover items to school - she was so happy that morning! 

Sleep over fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just some pictures!

Just a few random pictures from the last week ...

Crazy sock day at school ...

Underdogs at the park ...

Headstands and hugs ... 

... and then Jax pulled Justin down ... and this picture pretty much sums it all up ...

Love my three kiddos!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun at the Farm!

Last week flew by ... just as this week did. I was sick most of last week. I missed two days of work. I never call in sick. In my 7 years of teaching in this district, I have called in sick for myself maybe 4 times. After 6 days of feeling miserable and running a low-fever, I finally went to the doctor. I was pretty sure I had a sinus infection, and by the time I gave in and went to the doctor, my left cheek was swollen. However, after even just once dose of the antibiotic, I was starting to feel back to normal. Both days that I was home I slept over 5 hours. I felt like I slept more with this sinus infection than I did with mono in college!

I was so glad that the antibiotic made me feel better so that we could go to the farm on Saturday! Kandi, Eric and Calvin were home. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, and we hadn't seen BJ, Devin, Logan and Ryleigh since January! We enjoyed our day - but of course we missed Kayla and Josh.

Snuggles with Calvin after his nap ...

We spent a little time outside at BJ and Devin's house ... but it was pretty cold. The kids had fun riding the 4-wheelers. :)

Love these 6 kids!

Cheering on the Panthers!

We sure had fun cheering on the Panthers in basketball this year! They had a great season ... of course we were disappointed with their loss to Louisville ... it was fun while it lasted!

UNI played during the day last Friday - so we celebrated the win in my classroom with purple and yellow peeps. :)

My teammate, Pam, and I ... her husband is a big Kansas fan. :) 

Until next season ...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fun With Friends!

Last Sunday we spent almost the whole afternoon and evening playing at Jade and Megan's house. The five kids had so much fun together! Zach and Brody were so nice about sharing their tractors with our three kids.

Jax got ahold of the chips and put them in the back of the tractor. Gave us a good laugh!

We celebrate my birthday. :)

The weather was just gorgeous for being outside!

Love these 5 kiddos!!