Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some Random Pictures

These are a few random pictures that I meant to post from a couple of weeks ago - but I just realized I never hit the "post" button! :)

Our kids LOVE magnatiles. We gave them to Jax for Christmas and then bought more. This is one toy that is played with every, single day. The basket is always empty, and they are always building!

Jordyn went to a basketball camp a few weekends ago. :) 
Jordyn and Olivia ...

Jayla LOVES to play Trouble! The first time I played it with her, I wasn't quite on track with the rules. I just assumed I would remember them from when I was kid. Four times during our first game, Jayla argued the rules with me, told me to read the real rules, and she was right each time. Love that girl!!

My dad bought this UNC cheer outfit when Jordyn was 2 years old. The girls can barely squeeze into it yet, but they have fun playing cheerleaders!

The cutest little boy performer!

Jaxon still cannot get enough of the ski show pictures and still looks at the magazine many times each week!

We are enjoying cheering on the UNI Panthers! They were on ESPN two weekends in a row. :) They are currently ranked #12! Go Cats!

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