Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playa del Carmen Day 1

Justin and I had another great trip to Mexico! I have tons of pictures uploaded (over 300)! I'll just try to share a few (or a lot) from each day.

We flew out early on Friday morning, so Justin's parents came and got the kids after supper on Thursday night. Justin had been out of town on Tuesday/Wednesday and didn't think he would be home in time to say good-bye to the kids (so he said good-bye to them early on Tuesday morning), but he made it home early and got to spend about 20 minutes with them. :) They were excited!

For once, I was a bit organized!!

After the kids left, we went out for some appetizers before heading home for Justin to unpack and repack.

Our first flight from SF to Dallas ...

... and Dallas to Cancun!

The views out of the plane window were beautiful!

Our suite ...

Jade & Megan and Matt & Michelle were already there when we arrived. Their schedule worked out a bit different than ours, so they went before us and then left for home a day before us.

We headed to the beach within minutes of arriving!!

Getting ready for the headstand!

The take off ...

Love these guys!

Justin, Matt and Jade ...

Ready to head out the first night ...

We were very tired after a day of travel, but our first day was fun!

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