Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sledding Fun!

On Saturday night we went over to Jade and Megan's for the evening. The kids had a blast getting rides on the tube from Jade and sledding down the big hill. :)

Jax and Brody ...

Justin and Jordyn ...

Zach and Jordyn ...


Jax LOVED going down the hill!

Zach tried to tag along on the tube ride. :)

Jayla and Brody ...

I promise Justin did not push the kids on the sleds until after the four wheeler was up the hill. This picture makes it look like he was going to push them right into the four wheeler!

Zach and Jordyn ...

Jayla and Brody ...

Look for Jax in these next two pictures ... he loved the sled and could go a long ways!!

See Jax??!! :)

After sledding and going for tube rides, we had pizza, the kids played and we played cards.

I just love this picture! We were playing spoons, and this picture describes how much fun we truly have every time we are together! We are so thankful for their friendship! :)

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