Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I had a little setback with my workouts. On Friday morning, I took a 15 lb weight off the weight rack at the fitness center, and an 8 lb weight must have been leaning against it (but I didn't realize it). I grabbed the 15 pound weight and started to turn to walk away just as an 8 pound weight landed on my ankle.

O.U.C.H. I immediately dropped to the floor, and at that moment, nobody was in the room that I was in, so I sat in pain for a while. First I was thankful that nobody was in there ...then after about 5 minutes, I was praying someone would come in. I managed to hobble to the office next to the room I was in so that I could get some ice.

Walking on Friday was so painful ... for obvious reasons.

It looked as though I had a second ankle bone on one side of my foot!

It actually didn't feel too bad on Saturday, and I was able to run again on Sunday! I only ran a little over a mile on Sunday, because I wasn't sure how it would feel afterwards. It was a bit sore, but not too bad. I ran again on Monday night, and it seems to be doing okay! I still have some pain when I bend my foot, but the swelling sure went down a lot faster than I thought it would! I'm so thankful the weight landed where it did -- I'm afraid if it had landed on the top of my foot/toes, that I would have had some broken bones!

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