Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, December 29, 2014

One more Christmas celebration!

There was actually one celebration in between the one at my parent's house and the one in this post, but apparently I didn't take a single picture. :( Our kids had had two long, busy days, and by the time we got to Justin's grandparent's house on Thursday night, they were wild and tired. I'm bummed that I didn't take a single picture. However - we still loved spending time with family and had a lot of fun!

Then the 26th we went to my aunt's house to celebrate with my dad's side.

The kids were excited to be together again (and please ignore some fuzzy pictures).

Jordyn was laying down the rules with Eric in Princess UNO!

Grandpa, Ryleigh and Jordyn ...

... and Jayla too ...

The kids were being so silly on the steps! (and my phone was taking the worst pictures ... and I forgot the good camera at home)

Then I borrowed my aunt's camera, but the kids weren't quite as cooperative. :)

Another fun night with family! And ... we made it through all of the Christmas celebrations! :)

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