Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas with my family!

We woke up on Christmas morning ... tired! Jordyn has been battling a cough for a few days, and she coughed so hard through the night. I stayed up with her, and she finally stopped coughing from about 2 AM to 7 AM. Poor thing! However, even though we were tired, we were all excited it was Christmas!

A little bit of silliness with Calvin ... (photobomb by Jordyn!)

... and Jaxon ...

It was little bit of chaos opening gifts again ... this time with 6 kids ... a 6 year old, 4 year old, 3 year old and three 2 year olds, but it was fun!!!

Ready to see what Santa brought them!!
(Since Jordyn and I were up half of the night, we tracked Santa on my phone ... once he was in Iowa, we tried to fall asleep!!)

I didn't take a ton of pictures, but Santa brought Jaxon a "trim" as he calls it (a trimmer like Daddy uses on the grass), and the girls each got an outfit with a matching one for their AmericanGirl Doll. 

I love the look on Jordyn and Jayla's faces! They got a new storage cart for all of their art supplies!

The kids all stayed calm for a little while with their ipads. :) I don't love "screen time," but I do appreciate the kids calming down for 15-30 minutes with them!!

Ryleigh ...

... and Logan and Jaxon ... love this picture!!

Justin and Calvin did a puzzle together ...

Matching outfits!!

This was the only picture Jayla let us take of her in the matching outfits. :)

We had a great time with my family -- and again, left feeling very spoiled! 

On Christmas afternoon, we packed up and headed to another Christmas with Justin's extended family on his mom's side! 

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