Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas at our house

We opened gifts at our house last night. The kids were so excited!

Before openings presents, we made pizza for supper. We do this each year -- everyone makes their own. :)

Then the fun began. :) They wanted to open their stocking gifts first ...

I was so excited about giving this to Jax. He loves to pretend to shave, and I found a pretend razor and cream for the bathtub!

New coats!!

I love that Justin is showing off his new swimming suit ... but at the same time Gizmo was going nuts about his gift that the kids were helping him unwrap -- Candy cane chew sticks!

So excited! American Girl Doll!!!

New legos!

We bought this bed at an auction/fundraiser way before we ever bought the dolls. Both fit on it perfectly!!

My new UA Panthers vest!! Love it!!

Justin's parents took the kids to pick out gifts for us. Jayla got Justin a water bottle ...

Jordyn picked out socks ...

And Jax gave him slippers, which we he told us he bought the night he came home. It has been so funny listening to him to talk about the slippers he bought Daddy! :) Even when it was time to open gifts, he kept saying, "I need to find Daddy's slippers under the tree." Ha!

We have had a ton of fun with Jaxon's new Magna-Tiles!!

Jaxon loves ambulances, so I was excited to find a lego one for him! :)

We off to celebrate with our families! Merry Christmas!

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