Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The school that Jordyn attends does a huge cookie/bar fundraiser at Christmas time. It takes many volunteers to make over 80,000 cookies/bars!

I made bing bars ... 5 pans of them ... which took 6 hours ... on a night after work in which Justin had to work late ... and three kids were running around wild creating extra stress as I was trying to make some bars that didn't allow for any mistakes and took lots of stirring at the stove!

I think if I did this again, I would need to make sure that three children were calm first. Ha! I was a bit stressed throughout the process, but I got them made and they tatsed great!

The other part of these bars is that they had to be in 1 1/4'' by 1 1/4 '' .... so I left that up to Justin the next night! :) He's all smiles because the baking is already done. Ha! :)

Success! About 250 bars all in perfect squares!

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