Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baking with the Kids!

I love to bake -- I just usually run short on time and don't get it done.

I always try to do one project with the kids each December, and it's always the pretzels with the kisses/M&M's ... they love to make them!!

I love my little helpers ... even if we did have a slight disaster just minutes prior to starting our baking. I had a tiny tube of superglue sitting on the island, because I had used it earlier in the day. Jax grabbed it (while my back was turned to him), and put it in his mouth!!!!!! He came running and crying to me. We got it off his tongue, but he still had superglue on his chin and his hands. Really?!?! What would make him put that in his mouth. We got him in the bathtub, because the info said to soak in water for 15 minutes. He had two tiny spots on his chin/face that we couldn't originally get off, and we were worried it would/could burn him. It did not seem as though he had any burn spots from it. Ahh! Things like that seem to be "normal" with that kid some days!! 

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