Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 30, 2014

A little more from June ...

These are a few random pictures that I came across on my phone from the last few weeks. :)

This is Miss Aimee. 

Miss Aimee is a very special person to our girls. She was in charge of children's church at our church, as well as leading VBS, and our girls just adore her. Aimee is no longer going to lead children's church, and when Jordyn found that out, she said she needed a picture with her so that she would never, ever forget her. 

These pictures were taken at VBS - hence the crazy hat she was wearing. :)

Grocery shopping like this ...

... is not easy! I spent lots of time dodging them so that their carts wouldn't hit my heels/back of my leg. However, the carts kept them happy! I felt like we had our own little choo-choo train through the store!

We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. I took just one picture - not sure what I was thinking!

We do a lot of this in the back yard ...

And even though the hail popped part of our new pool, we are still able to use it and the kids love it. :)

I love the creativity of children ... Jayla and Jaxon turned the slide into a jet ski!

After the jet ski, it became a treadmill! So funny!

If only I was completely caught up on the blog! :) I'm getting closer!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

All Dressed Up :)

We had another busy week -- softball games, a couple of trips to the sprinkler park, a birthday party, a trip to the swimming pool -- I will try to get those pictures uploaded soon. :) Until then, here's some pictures we took of the kids before church today. Someday it might be easy to get a picture of the three of them -- today was not that day! :) 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Jaxon ~ 2 Years 9 Months

I sure love this silly boy! Dr. Jaxon is another month older!

Jaxon ...

... is about 39 inches tall and weighs about 39 pounds.

... wears mostly 3t and 4t clothes, size 9/10 shoes and NO diapers!!

... is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more diapers at the Overmans! In the last 11 days, he has had just one accident and he wakes up dry every morning! I am absolutely loving this! 

... continues to love everything about being outside ... riding bike, sidewalk chalk, playing every sport he possibly can, swimming, picnics, the zoo, the park ... he does not want to be inside!

... loves going to the same school as the girls! The kids are going to daycare once or twice a week, and he loves being with his sisters! This is the first time we have had all three kids in once place! Again, another thing that I am absolutely loving -- one drop off and one pick up!

... is sleeping better for the most part during the night. Going to bed is usually a whole other story, but at least he's sleeping better. For a while, he was on a kick of waking up at 4:00 every morning yelling, "MOM! GET IN MY BED NOW!" That doesn't happen quite as often now - but it does make me laugh when it happens.

... loves to sing! 

... makes my heart melt every time he says his bedtime prayer. He always mixes up the last few words, but I love the words he replaced it with. :)

... loves to play "house" with the girls! I sure love their imaginations!

... still loves to drink milk and eat Lucky Charms! Those are definitely two of his favorites!

I still can't believe how old Jaxon is looking and acting, and that in a few short months he will be 3!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Girls Weekend!

Megan, Dana and I went on a shopping trip on Saturday/Sunday!

Jade planned the trip for us -- it started off as a surprise to Megan for her Birthday, and then he told her a few days prior to the trip so that she knew what to pack. :)

The trip was so much! We ate lots of yummy (probably not healthy) food and had some nice drinks. :)

We literally shopped until we dropped!

We laughed until we nearly cried!

I love this girl!

The end of Day 1 - and yes we shopped at more than just Gap - we just happened to get some incredibly awesome deals there, and we all bought a lot!

We checked into our hotel at about 9:30 that night, changed clothes and headed out to eat!

We shopped for a while on Sunday and got home at about 9:30 on Sunday night! The weekend was an absolute blast -- full of so many laughs! Megan and Danas' friendship is sure a blessing to me!!

A successful shopping trip!! :)

Thank you to Justin for watching the kids while I was gone! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day at the Beach!

The weather was super nice last Friday so we left early for the lake and took the kids to the beach for a couple of hours! We had so much fun playing in the water, building castles and burying  everyone's legs in the sand! It was such a fun afternoon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day Weekend!

We spent a good portion of Father's Day weekend at the lake. We got there after dinner on Friday night. The weather was beautiful, so we roasted marshmallows.

The weather on Saturday was a whole different story. It rained - and rained - and rained - and when we thought it couldn't rain any more, it did. Some of the thunder through the night was the loudest I have ever heard. I think the entire house was shaking!

We took the kids to the nature center on Saturday to get out of the house. They all pet a rat ... 

We also went to the Emporium. We let the kids do some sand art! We never would have guessed that Jordyn would pick a football! 

Jordyn -- Jax -- Jayla

Later in the afternoon, Justin and I took the kids over to swim and eat with Jade, Megan and the boys. We had so much fun!!

Jaxon, Brody and Zach taking a snack break ...

Megan's caption for this was "One, Two, Cheese!" 

The weather cleared up on Sunday after church. Thank goodness!

Justin and Jordyn took a ride on the jet ski, and we also took a ride on the boat!

We had promised the kids the a trip to Arnold's Park, so we made a very quick stop - we let them go on three rides, and then we headed to my parent's house!

We had a great dinner with my parents and my brother's family. Jordyn will tell you the highlight was finding treasures with Grandpa. My parents live on a farm and my dad has a metal detector, and Jordyn loves when he gets it out. Last summer they put their "treasures" into a bucket and sure enough, Jordyn asked for it this time too. (Good thing Grandpa saved it!) 

Logan ...

Ryleigh ...

We always love the lake and the farm. We love that our kids get to have so many fun experiences!

The sky was beautiful on the way home!!

Little did we know ... that would be the calm before the storm on Monday!