Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jaxon ~ 2 Years 5 Months

Jax is another month older, and he is growing way too fast!

He wasn't really wanting his picture taken - and his face is a tad chapped from the cold weather and a runny nose, but we still think he's a cutie!!

Showing off his muscles!

Jaxon ...

... weighs about 38 pounds and is a tad over 38 inches. (I love how all three of our kids continue to have heights that are the same number as their weight ... so easy to remember their numbers!)

... wears mostly 3T clothes, size 9 shoes and size 5 diapers. BUT he is showing interest in potty training, so hopefully in the near future we will be done buying diapers! We have been changing diapers for 5 1/2 years straight. What will I do with all of that extra money?!!? Ha! :)

... hates going to bed! He's doing a tad better sleeping at night, but he has the worst time calming down for us and actually falling asleep. It almost seems like he is afraid he will miss something if he is sleeping.

... is growing up way too fast ... which is a good and bad thing! He is now dressing himself most days by himself, including putting his shoes on (which are almost always on the wrong feet ... why is that so natural for kids to do?!).

... loves to watch and play basketball, football, baseball, soccer and golf! He loves sports!! He's quite the basketball player and he loves when Daddy "tackles" him during football! Golf is another story ... watch out when he's swinging those clubs! 

... still loves milk, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks!

... likes to play with his farm animals, his tractors, puzzles and train table.

... does not sit down unless he absolutely has to! That little body is constantly on the go!

... calls his sisters "my girlies" ... I love when he says good-bye to them every morning ... "Good-bye Girlies!"

... thinks it's funny when I ask him to clean up -- because he will respond with "Donna do it." Donna is our cleaning lady. What a stinker!

... is still a jumper ... off the couch, off the bed, off the fourth step on our stairways ... he scares us!

... is still a climber ... on the top of the furniture, to the top of the changing table, on top of the kitchen island and bathroom counters!

... thinks he's funny when he repeats everything we say if either Justin or myself is on the phone or if Justin and I are having a conversation. 

This kid is quite a character. He keeps us on our toes at all times, but he makes us laugh so hard everyday! Often at night, I'll sit on the couch and start to laugh when I think of the things he said or did during the day. :)

We love you, Jaxon!

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