Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Kiddos!

As always, I'm behind on uploading pictures of our kids.

The really cold weather kind of kept us home the last week - which resulted in many sibling fights, a house that was covered in toys from top to bottom, and a mom and dad who were going stir crazy. 

I always think that we have way too many toys (and we do), but when I start to think I should get rid of some, I realize on those days where we are stuck in the house, that our kids literally play with all of them! 

When I think that all 500+ books that we have are too many, I will find the kids each with a HUGE pile of books in front of them looking at them.

So for now, our house will seem crammed and cluttered with toys and books -- but it's keeping them happy!

Here's our three happy kiddos ...

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