Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Class of 2027

How strange does "Class of 2027" sound?! 

Jordyn had Kindergarten Round Up last week! Jordyn is actually registered in two different school districts right now. I know that sounds strange ... but even though our house is in SF, we live in a different school district and we have an elementary school a block from our house, so she is registered there. I believe that that district is a great one, and I'm sure the school is wonderful, but due to scheduling, it would be more ideal for her to be in the district and school and that I teach in. So, we have open-enrolled her. Unfortunately, it could be several weeks yet before we have that answer. (Keep in mind, Justin stood in line at 5:30 AM on December 2nd to get her open enrolled ... and he was like number 25 in line!) 

Even though we don't have an answer yet, we were able to bring her to Kindergarten Round Up last week! She had so much fun! Our Kindergarten teachers do such an amazing job of welcoming these kids into the school!

I think I'm still in shock over the thought that my oldest baby is starting Kindergarten in August. Last night I was organizing pictures for her preschool teacher to use at preschool graduation! Time goes way too fast!

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