Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, February 28, 2014


It has been my dream to swim with the dolphins. We passed on it both times were in Jamaica (the first time because it was a long drive ... the second time because our ride to the resort was so scary that I didn't want to leave the resort again until we absolutely had to). We also had the opportunity to be trainers for a day in Las Vegas, but decided not to (it was about $800 a person ... we could take another vacation for that cost!) - we just watched the dolphins instead in Last Vegas.

Cancun had several different locations to swim with the dolphins. The highly recommended one we chose not to do, because it included at 40 minute boat ride, and both Megan and I don't do great on boats out on the ocean.

The place we went to was great, and we were lucky - the group should have been ten people, but it ended up being just the four of us and one other person, so we basically got double time with the dolphins!

These animals are amazing, and it was so fun to interact with them! I won't share all 180 photos, but here's a few! :) Our kids have also LOVED the video that was taken of us. They watched it at least 30 times the first week!

We told our kids that someday they would get to do it too! (I think we better start saving money now ... ha!)

Cancun - Day 6

Monday was our last day in Cancun. Justin and I had to get on the van about 10:30 to head to the airport. We packed up, met Jade and Megan for breakfast, sat out in the sun for a little while, and then left for the airport.

The guys always laughed at Megan and I for planning our outfits (even down to our swimming suits) so that we didn't match. (We have identical taste in clothing.) This is what happened the one and only time we didn't plan it out ... we dressed alike! :)

Love this girl!

A couple of last pictures before leaving the resort ...

I can't tell you how great it felt to relax, enjoy the sunshine (instead of temps below zero), and enjoy spending time with my husband and two amazing friends. This trip was so needed and was worth every penny!

We are so blessed that our parents so willingly helped with our three kids. The kids had a lot of fun while we were gone! Thank you!

Justin and I arrived back in SF at about 10:00 on Monday night.

This is the last "vacation" picture we took ... Dos Equis doesn't taste quite as good in South Dakota. Ha! :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cancun - Day 5

Sunday was our last full day in Cancun. 

We had an exciting morning planned ... swimming with the dolphins! This is something that I have wanted to do for so long! Megan and I couldn't wait ... and even Justin and Jade were looking forward to it!

The dolphin place was not far from our resort, so we hopped on the bus and took a short ride there.

This friendly creature greeted us in the parking lot!

I have a whole other post about the dolphins, but here's a sneak peak ... :)

After the dolphins, we headed back to the resort, ate lunch, and spent some more time checking out this view ...

The guys decided they needed a photo shoot ...

After an afternoon at the beach, the pool and the hot tub, we rested and then got ready for the rest of the night.

Justin told he us was he was being "classy" by drinking his red wine ...

Megan wanted some bread, so Justin got her an entire loaf!

Justin borrowed a wig from one of the resort workers who had just finished a performance. I think it's best that he stick to his normal hair. Ha!

One last night at the sports bar ... and we talked the bartender into letting me wear the Raiders helmet. :)

We were bummed that it was our last night -- our trip was so much fun!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cancun - Day 4

Day 4 was another day on the beach, playing beach volleyball, hanging out at the pool, the hot tub ... it was great! We got to the know the workers quite well, so of course they kept coming to get us for volleyball ... and every other activity! Those workers work hard! They work 6 days a week from 9 AM until 11 or 12 at night. They were some of the nicest people!

We started the day building our "Barefoot Bar" foot for their annual picture contest. :)

We all threw on our Barefoot shirts ...

A smaller version ...

Loving the beach!

That night we headed out to Carlos and Charlies!

We are so thankful for these wonderful friends!

We had an absolute blast at this restaraunt! We laughed so hard! It was pretty calm when we walked in, but as soon as they saw the four of us, the entire place changed. We had to dance for 10 minutes before we were even given a table! The workers were so fun!

What other place are you required to get on your chairs and dance?

Justin and Megan ordered tacos, so they had to have bibs ...

We didn't get bibs, but didn't want to be left out of the picture! Ha!

Our amazing waiter ... who nearly gave me a heart attack with a fake cockroach, which caused me to choke on a chip ... and then a trick coffee cup near the end of our meal. I can laugh now, but thought I was going to die (mostly because of choking on a chip) when it was all taking place!

We had such a fun night!