Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Start of 2014 ...

It's been an interesting start to our year. The sickness has continued! After 15 straight days of sickness (that started in December) in our house (stomach flu, then fevers, then influenza a) we thought we were in the clear! We had 3 days of kids feeling well and then Jayla got the stomach flu ... again ... while we were in the van ... nearly 30 miles from home ... without a bucket ... all over her ipad, car seat, van seat, seat belt, floor, winter coat (you get the picture). Then we had 2 days of healthy kids and I picked up Jaxon up from daycare on Tuesday only to find out that after nap he wasn't feeling well and his left ear was draining. They didn't call since they knew I would be there to pick him up shortly after they noticed his ear draining. Justin was also starting to feel sick again that day with a head cold. Yesterday I took Jax to the ENT for his ear. We had already started the drops so I normally wouldn't have taken him to the doctor, but he was due for a recheck on his ears since it had been about 6 months since his last appointment. The ear has been bleeding and is pretty nasty, but that is all normal, which we knew before the appointment. It's just gross. He also started a terrible cough with the ear infection.  Oh how I hate cold and flu season. I know I have said this many times ... we have never had a cold/flu hit our whole family. This has been crazy. Jordyn has remained healthy (knock on wood) and I only had a fever/body aches for about 24 hours.

On top of that, my friend Lori passed away from cancer. Lori subbed for me when I had Jaxon, and I also taught one of her daughters. It's heartbreaking. I went to the hospice house on Tuesday and saw her family and said good-bye to Lori.

Another co-worker of mine lost her baby at about 22 weeks of pregnancy (she delivered him last week) and a former co-worker who taught 3rd grade with me and is battling cancer is having surgery today to insert a rod into her leg since the cancer has eaten away at the bone. Another former co-worker lost her dad to cancer on Christmas Day, my great uncle passed away a few days ago, and I just found out that a student I had last year lost his grandma (who volunteered in my room many times last year) to rapid Alzheimer's. Wow ... so many families in need of prayer. Will you please pray for them?

We are praying that 2014 turns around quickly. :)

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