Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Playing in the snow!

The weather last Saturday was gorgeous -- 40 degrees! Even though Jayla and Jax had fevers (but were acting fine), I decided to take them outside to play. They needed fresh air. I told Jaxon's nurse that I did this, and she said it was the best thing I could have done for them.

Our back yard blocked the little bit of wind there was, and the kids and I had so much fun! I talked Justin into getting off the couch (since he was so sick) to take a few pictures. :)

I love Jayla's action shots of her falling on my half-made snowman ...

Who doesn't love having their back yard shoveled? :)

We're back to freeeezing temperatures ... the high today was -2 and that didn't include the windchill. The high for Monday is -11 ... with 20 mph winds ... so it will be much colder than -11! I need some warm weather ... our Mexico trip can't come fast enough! :)

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