Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jaxon ... ears, xrays, lab work ...

Poor Jaxon. I feel like we are kind of back to square one with what we dealt with for the first five months of 2013. Actually, it isn't quite as serious as that, but he's been battling some junk for over a month.

He had the stomach flu before Christmas and then a fever that lasted for 8 days. After that he started complaining about his tummy hurting and in his words his "pee pee" hurting. Sorry - TMI! We kind of let that go and about a week after the complaining started, his ear started draining, so we paid more attention to the ear than the tummy. After 8 days on ear drops, it wasn't any better so we ran him to acute care last weekend to get an antibiotic started. That has made a huge difference! Thank goodness! He has one more day of antibiotics, and the pediatrician said his ears look great!

Reading at the doctor ...

Justin was out of town last Sunday through Tuesday morning. The kids were pretty wild while he was gone and bedtime was not easy. I ended up with all three kids and the dog sleeping with me, both nights. On Sunday night I noticed Jaxon was cold and took his temp around 10:30 and it was 96 degrees. I wanted to throw up. We have been able to keep his body temperature maintained and now it had dropped again. I bundled him in blankets and set my alarm to wake up about every 30 minutes to check his temp. I took his temp many times throughout the night but the problem was that I was so tired and my dreams were about Jaxon's temperature dropping that when I woke up for the day at 5:15, I didn't know what was reality versus my dreams. I remember seeing 94 degrees and 95 degrees on the thermometer. I am pretty sure the 94 was in my dreams, but I honestly don't know about the 95. I was so mad at myself when I got up at 5:15 ... not knowing what his body temp really was through the night was scary. Both 95 and 94 could have been very serious. When I got him up for the day, he was back to his normal 97.7. Thank goodness!  

How sad is this??!! This a true sign our sweet boy wasn't feeling well!

After listening to him complain about his tummy and peepee for many days (actually about three weeks), we decided to head to the doctor. I knew exactly what they would need to do - xrays of the tummy and a urine test. Nightmare. The good news about those two tests were that he's old enough to use the xray table. We have officially graduated from the horrible xray machine they use on babies. The urine test was done with a catheter, which he experienced when he was hospitalized in August. I knew it would be awful to go through that again.

A little silliness at the doctor ...

The xrays came back showing he has stools backed up all over, which is also something Jordyn has been through. It should be an easy fix with miralax. He had one lab result from the urine that came back a bit off. The doctor does not feel we need to be concerned -- it could have been from something he ate or the antibiotic could have thrown it off. We are going to re-do the test in about two weeks ... and re-do it without the catheter. I have watched the nurses use a bag before, after a little begging, they said I could use the bag or a cup. Woohoo! It should be pretty painless for all involved that way. :)

So ... while things aren't near as serious as they were a year ago, we are still praying that Jaxon is back to feeling 100% soon!

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