Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dentist Appointments!

Jordyn and Jayla had dentist appointments a couple of weeks ago. Jordyn loves going to the dentist -- Jayla ... not so much.

The girls wanted a picture with "Jordyn the Bear" before getting ready to go to the dentist. They won this huge bear two years ago after being cavity free at their appointments. 

I was a bit nervous taking all three kids to the dentist. Jaxon didn't have an appointment, but I was worried that he would be his normal crazy self, and I would struggle to keep him under control, stay by the girls and talk to the hygienist and dentist. I was totally wrong! All three kids did amazing and were such good listeners (well .. until it was time to leave ... they were just the opposite)

Jordyn went first ...

Then it was Jayla's turn. Even though she doesn't like going to the dentist, she did awesome! They were even able to take some x-rays of her teeth for the first time!

The girls were chosen "kids of the day" and their picture made it onto the facebook page. We love the dentist that we go to!

I was so proud of the girls! :)

Leaving though was a nightmare. The windchill outside was -50 (school was cancelled that day) so I needed the kids very bundled up. I finally had the girls all bundled up and ready to go the van, and then Jayla decided she needed the bathroom. So ... I hauled all three into the bathroom. Took everything off of her, and re-bundled her up. Then we headed back to the waiting room to get Jax bundled up. He was not having it ... didn't want a coat, hat or gloves on. A former student of mine was there with his mom and bless her heart she offered several times to help. I finally got his coat and hat on him and gave up on the gloves. I ran him to the van first and left the girls in the entry way. Jax did not want to get in his car seat either ... which is never a fun battle, but add in the horrible wind chills and it was a nightmare. I finally got him strapped him, got the girls in the van and headed home. By that point we were all sweating from being bundled up and the van very warm that we drove most of the way home with some of the windows open. Ha!

I am pretty sure the four people in the waiting room, as well as the receptionists, cheered as soon as we were out the door. :) Such is life with a 2 year old, 3 year old and 5 year old. :)


Dr. James DeFinnis said...

Nice to see both Jordyn and Jayla were comfortable with the dentist. Giving each other support is really nice! Taking care of our kids dental health is an important issue since their teeth are vulnerable to infections at a young age. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie DeFinnis

Betsy Longenecker said...

Wow! You must be very proud of your children. I can't believe you were worried over nothing. Hahaha! It definitely would've been hard taking all three to the dentist. I'm just glad there weren't any troubles. Anyway, I love how all three of them got good results. I hope the practice continues until they grow up. All the best! :)

Betsy Longenecker