Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Children's Museum

On Saturday we decided to take the kids to the children's museum. It's about an hour from our house, and we hadn't been there since Jaxon was a baby. The kids were pretty excited when we told them we were going!

The first thing the kids did was paint with their feet. Jaxon liked it at first, but since it was slippery he slipped a bit and then he didn't really want to do anymore painting. :)

Then it was time to go grocery shopping! This has always been a favorite!

The kids did some farm work ...

They also built a wall with bricks, played with the hula-hoops and ran around. Then we realized another family that we knew was there! It is a family who goes to the school that I teach at, but they also use the before/after school program at our preschool, so our kids know them, and I have gotten to know the family well. They have 4 kids - Hannah, Hailey, Hattie and Hudson. Hannah was in my class last year. Our kids just adore these kids ... and it was like we had our own personal baby-sitters at the museum! They had so much fun together!

They did a lot of cooking together!

Playing with the lite bright ...

Painting on the window ...

Jaxon and Hailey making sand designs ...

We had lunch at the museum and then headed home! Jaxon was so sweet ... he had to go hug each of the kids before we left, and he kept saying, "Hug Hannah. Hug Hailey. Hug Hattie. Hug Hudson." 

It was so much fun to watch our kids play! 

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