Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday party!

Jordyn had two birthday parties at CEC two Saturday mornings in a row. I know I have said it before, but her group of friends from preschool get along so well and we so are blessed to know those families. Most of the kids have been together since they were infants! Justin took Jordyn to the first party, and I took her to the second party. The pictures on this post are from the second party.

Air hockey with Maddy ...

She was awesome at basketball!

Jordyn and Maddy decided to work as a team at basketball - they figured out they would earn way more tickets!

The birthday party was for Emma ... and Emma's mom name is Jordyn. Two of Jordyn's best friends happen to be our two favorite daycare workers and baby-sitters!

Miss Talor had moved to ND, but recently moved back!!

Miss Jordan lives just up the street from us, and we love having her as our baby-sitter!

(So ... three Jordyn's ... our Jordyn, baby-sitter Jordan and Emma's mom Jordyn ... and Talor told us her mom almost named her Jordan when she was born. For a name that is not commonly used as a girl's name ... there are sure a lot around us!)

Jordyn and the birthday girl, Emma!

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