Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm still playing catch up! :)

Our kids had fun with Halloween! They each a had a party at daycare/preschool, and they were pretty excited to go trick-or-treating after school!

Jordyn was Rapunzel ...

Jayla was a doctor (but for her school party she wanted to be Princess Belle) ...

Oh how I love silly faces from this girl!

Jax was a Vikings football player ... and although his helmet (or helmec as he calls it) was a tad bit too big, he loved that costume! He wears the helmet around our house often!

We tried to get a picture of the three ... and this was the best we got. Jayla was having a meltdown, Jax was being silly and Jordyn was annoyed with the other two. Ha! :)

The kids couldn't wait to go see our neighbor, Kathy! 

It was pretty cold outside, so we didn't stay out too long. The girls had a blast handing out candy to our trick-or-treaters. We didn't have near as many as we normally do ... usually we have around 120-150 kids. This year we had about 80-90. The kids loved seeing everyone's costumes!

Just a few more pictures of our pumpkins ... (the first one is the ghosts, but it wasn't looking too great by Halloween) ...

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