Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, November 22, 2013

Some day ...

... I might get caught up on the month of November. :)

I can't wait to share our family pictures with you! Here's a sneak peek of one ...

It was raining, 32 degrees outside, super windy, Jaxon had a black eye (great editing by Kandi) and Jayla wanted nothing to do with family pictures and cried for part of it. I couldn't believe that Kandi actually got some pictures in which the kids all looked happy! :) Kandi did a great job!!!

A few random things from the last few weeks since life has been busy ...

*Jordyn had her 5 year old wellness check. The doctor thought she looked great and was very impressed with her writing and spelling ability. She was 44 inches tall and weighed 44 pounds. Is it weird that all three of our kids currently have a height and weight that match? Guess it's easy to remember! (Jayla is 42 inches and 42 pounds and Jaxon is 36 inches and 36 pounds.)

*Jordyn also had the stomach flu last week. It lasted about 8 hours and that was it. We have been fortunate, our girls have been very healthy! Last year they each missed one day of preschool for being sick. Jayla also had the flu one day during the summer (only for about 12 hours) ... other than that, the girls have been healthy! And knock on wood, Jaxon has been doing well too!!! When he gets sick, it's never just a "normal" thing ... he only gets sick with scary issues that send us to the ER or hospital.

*We had the girls' conferences this week. They told exactly what we thought ... Jordyn could teach the whole preschool class. :) School is totally her thing. Jayla ... is a great friend and helper, but only listens part of the time. :) We love their teachers, and we are so thankful for how much they love and care about our kids!

*Jaxon has been talking non-stop lately, and he copies everything he hears off of TV. I love his sweet voice! Some of his letters are still not coming out correctly, but that will come! :)

*Our kids are getting super excited for Elfie, our elf, to arrive! Santa sent the kids a letter this week letting them know that Elfie would arrive soon! Last night we watched Elf on the Shelf!

*The kids are also excited to put up our Christmas tree this weekend!

We have two Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend, so our weekend will be a busy one! We are looking forward to spending time with family this weekend and also next week!

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