Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, November 16, 2013


When Jordyn got her ears pierced a month ago, Jayla said she was not going to do that! Well ... she decided about two weeks ago that she wanted her ears pierced too! Last Saturday we took her to the mall. She was so brave! She had two tears fall when it was all over, but then she got a sucker and picked out some new earrings to buy and she was all smiles!

Hugs from Daddy ...

Our girls have done awesome with having their ears pierced! We clean them every morning and every night, and they are quick to remind me if I forget! They both look so grown up with them! Jayla would not let us take a close up picture of her ears after she was done, and I just realized that I haven't taken any over the last week, so I guess I won't be posting a close up of her ears. :)

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