Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, September 30, 2013

One More Birthday Celebration!

We are all partied out! We celebrated Jaxon's Birthday the weekend before his Birthday with my whole family, then we celebrated just the five of us on Friday night, and then on Saturday night my parents, Justin's parents, and Justin's Grandma Helen came over! (And Justin's Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Marcia stopped by on Friday night since they couldn't come on Saturday.) Whew! We made it through the celebrations!

We had such nice time with our parents and Justin's grandma on Saturday!

Jax loved opening presents - and especially loved opening the cards!

Another addition to the train set! Good thing we ordered the train table!

New basketball shoes!

Another tractor - with a flatbed! Between the new tractor and the new train, this was one excited kid!

We now have three John Deere tractors, a flatbed, hay bales and lots of animals. These three have spent so much time playing with them!

I try to keep things pretty "fair" with Birthdays for our kids. Each of the kids got an Elmo cake for their second birthday. I'm happy to say, this is the last Elmo cake this mommy will be making. (Unless someone wants to pay me to make one - ha!) I HATE making red frosting. Red frosting tastes horrible (even the "no taste" food coloring still has a gross flavor). Someone told me to add cherry juice to the frosting instead of the normal amount of milk, so that is what I have done all three times. It turns out pretty good, but it's still not my favorite. I love decorating cakes, but red is the worst! 

So ... We have reached another milestone in our house ... retiring the Elmo cake pan. :)

Sneaking a piece of frosting ...

Justin and I have cracked up so many times just looking at this picture ... the look on Jaxon's face is so funny! :) We sure love that sweet boy!

Jaxon's 2nd Birthday celebrations have come to an end. We are all partied out ... until we celebrate Jordyn's Birthday in a month. :)

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