Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Celebrating!

Since our whole family was together on Saturday for Calvin's Birthday, we decided to celebrate Jaxon's the same day! We celebrated Calvin's at lunchtime and Jaxon's at suppertime. We made it simple, but we had so much fun! We stayed at a hotel and used their breakfast area to eat supper - we just ordered pizza. Then we all went swimming! It was a great time!

This picture makes me laugh - I asked all three kids to look at me, and they all just happened to put food in their mouth at the same time. Lovely. :)

Jax had fun opening presents!

Total excitement because Josh and Kiki gave him a basketball. :) Josh and Jax played basketball in August at the swimming pool. Ever since then, anytime we talk about basketball (or askaball as Jax calls it), he always talks about playing with Josh. Getting a basketball was pretty fitting. :)

Time to swim! Jax had no time to look at the camera - he just wanted to go - go - go!

We had such a fun time celebrating Jaxon's upcoming 2nd Birthday!

After two parties, our weekend still wasn't over! We all headed to an apple orchard on Sunday! Pictures to come soon! :)

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