Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend!

We spent Labor Day Weekend at the lake! We got there Friday evening and stayed until Monday afternoon. The weather was pretty nice while we were there, and we spent a lot time swimming, on the boat, and taking jet ski rides.

Our kids love the pool! I am going to miss swimming with them now that summer is winding down!

The kids like to wear their life jackets in the pool, and it has been super helpful! 

Love this picture of Jordyn ... :)

I think this kid jumped in the pool at least 50 times. He does not get tired! (but we all do!)

Silly faces from Jayla!

Love these silly girls!

How sweet are these girls!?! This might be one of my favorite pictures of the two of them! :)

We went to Arnold's Park one last time before it closed for the summer. This is a normal picture of our three ...

They all went on the fish again ...

They all decided they needed to put their hands up on this ride ... (if you look closely, they are all in the picture)

Jax got a case of the giggles while he was on the fish. He laughed so hard -- and everyone around us was laughing at him. :)

Jayla and Jax went on the boats ...

Jordyn joined them for a ride too ...

We brought the kids' scooters along. Jordyn has some new tricks!

The only picture we took on the boat. :)

More swimming! Jaxon's new favorite thing is to jump in the pool on a swim noodle. He thought it was so funny!

This last picture isn't from Labor Day Weekend, but from a couple of weekends ago at the lake. Justin and I were able to go out for a little while. We enjoyed the night out! :)

It's hard to believe that Labor Day Weekend is over ... summer is truly ending. We will miss our weekends at the lake!

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