Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jax ~ 1 year 11 Months

Oh my ... I was just looking through my whole post list, and I realized that this one never got posted! I think Jaxon's hospital stay was part of the reason it didn't get posted. It's almost a month late, but I still needed to finish it! Keep in mind, he turns 2 at the end of this week. :)

In one short month, Jaxon will be 2 years old!

Jaxon ...

... weighs about 34 pounds.

... wears size 5 diapers, size 2t to 4t clothes, and size 7-8 shoes.

... still LOVES everything about being outside ... bikes, scooters, swimming, balls, the park, going for walks. He is so happy when he is outside!

... has increased his vocabulary a ton in just the last month. I love hearing him talk about all of his family members and lives with who. That seemed to be the best way to describe it to him so he could understand each of his grandparents, aunt/uncles/cousins. He does a great job telling us who is in each family.

... likes to JUMP! Of course we knew this from him loving our trampoline, but this kid loves to jump off everything! My friend always tells us, "it's not a matter of if that kid breaks a leg - it's when." He jumps off the couch, the chairs, the picnic table outside, toy boxes, and the steps. He will go four steps up and jump down. We have never been able to leave this kid alone for 10 seconds and we still can't!

... gets very excited for daycare. His best friend is "Nonnor" (Connor) and he talks about him each day. He also tells us he plays with Mason, Jack, Jackson and Preston. Connor's brother, Cooper, is one of Jordyn's best friends - they have been in daycare together since they were babies too!

... is total trouble when he is with Jayla, but they are also super funny when they are together! We know, though, if those two are together, we need to be right by them or we are in trouble!

... has a little more "sit" in him and enjoys reading books. His favorites are any books that involve puppies, trucks or tractors.

... is still struggling with bedtime. He's going to sleep a little easier at night, but he is not sleeping through the night. He moves constantly during the night. I think I am going to talk to the pediatrician about it at his 2 year wellness exam. I have never seen a kid move so much when he sleeps. He is super restless.

... still makes us laugh very hard each day, even after he completely wears us out!!

It is still hard to believe that Jax is almost 2! We will soon have a 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 year old in our house. There's never a dull or quiet moment! :)

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