Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jax!

Wow! Our baby is 2 years old! It still seems so hard to believe. We are so happy he is currently healthy - and remains super happy and a ball of energy!

 It has been quite a year since Jaxon's 1st Birthday ... a year with so many great things, but a year full of many doctors, lots of testing, several ER visits, an ambulance ride and some very scary moments.

A little recap ...

Less than a week after Jaxon turned 1, he was hospitalized with pneumonia and hypothermia. From October until March, we dealt with Jaxon's body temperature dropping, almost nightly (from March until April it happened just a couple of times a week). He started a large group of tests from January until March ... EEG's, EKG's, MRI, Echo, an incredible amount of blood work, xrays, and everything showed he was fine! We met with our pediatrician, our ENT, a pediatric neurologist, a pediatric cardiologist and a pediatric infectious disease specialist. Every test came back saying the same thing - it could not detect any problems. His case was confusing to each of the doctors we met with.

On top of the pneumonia and daily bouts of hypothermia, Jax had constant ear infections for months - even with tubes. In May his tubes were taken out, a new set was put in and his adenoids were taken out. This surgery made an incredible amount of difference! His body temperature started regulating itself and the ear infection went away almost immediately! Jax was healthy most of the summer -- but needed stitches in July when he cut the back of his head. About a month ago he was hospitalized with what turned out to be Sepsis, a blood infection. We are so happy to report that since that hospital stay, he has once again been healthy! His body is regulating his temperature well, he hasn't had a single ear infection since surgery in May, and he is a happy and crazy little boy!

So what else is new with our 2 year old?

Jax ...

... weighs about 35 pounds - about 5 pounds less than his two sisters. :)

... wears mostly 2t to 4t clothes, size 5 diapers and size 8 shoes.

... loves anything and everything about sports! He is constantly carrying around a football, basketball, soccer ball, golf club, golf ball, baseball glove ... he is an active little boy!

... loves his new train set he got for his birthday - but will probably love it even more when the train table arrives next week!

... gets so excited to see tractors and trucks! He got to stay with my parents a couple of weekends ago, and my dad couldn't get him out of the shed with his tractors in it. We hope to put him in the combine with my dad during harvest.

... talks all of the time! He still has some letters/sounds that don't come out super clear, but we love hearing his sweet voice!

... wants to drink milk all. of. the. time. This kid would live off of milk if we let him. He asks for milk in his sleep. He can be in the deepest sleep and still yells "MILK!" at the top of his lungs.

... has kind of been going through some separation anxiety from Mommy and Daddy. He wants us together at all times. He cries so hard in the morning when Justin straps him in his car seat to go to daycare. I drop the kids off, and he wants Daddy the whole way there. But in the evening, if I leave for a little while, he screams for Mommy. Whichever parent is gone, he is screaming for. He just wants everyone together at all times.

... loves playing with his sisters and his daycare friends. We love hearing him talk about the girls or about his friends at school. We hear about his best friend, Nonnor (Connor), every day when we pick him up.

... still doesn't have a whole of "sit" in him. I talked to his daycare teachers for a while last week. He still does not sit through calendar time. Jax and about four boys do not - and wouldn't you know it, they are the four boys that Jax talks about everyday. Hmmm ... :) He does like to read books with his teachers (and at home), and he does like "station time" but he's also a runner and is on the move a lot.  I am thankful for his teachers - they have a lot of patience, and they sure love him!

... is still and a climber and a jumper. He can make our blood pressure rise quickly!

... brings so much laughter and chaos to our house - we wouldn't change it! Well ... we could do without some of the temper tantrums ... :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jaxon Dean! We love you!

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