Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Calvin is 1!

Our nephew, Calvin, turned 1 on Friday! 

We celebrated his first birthday at park in MN. :) Our whole family was able to be there, and it was so much fun! Our kids had a blast playing at the park for a couple of hours!

Before we got there, we talked to the girls about being good helpers. Jordyn and Jayla are the oldest cousins ... the other four kids in our family (Jax, Logan, Ryleigh and Calvin) are all 1! The girls were great helpers!


Kisses for Calvin!

Jordyn, Kiki and Calvin ...

Helping Ryleigh ...

Love that precious smile!


Kandi is usually the one with the camera, but she trusted Kayla to take pictures with her nice camera. :)

Calvin liked openings gifts!

Ready for cake!

Our kids sure loved the cupcakes!!

More hugs for the Birthday Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Calvin! We loved celebrating with you!

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Mallory said...

I have a kind of weird question. Could you do like a family tree type post of your and Justin's families? Because you talk about your extended families so much, other than Kayla and Kandi being your sisters, I tend to get confused as to who is bio your family and who is bio Justin's. It's fine if you don't want to, I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Cute pics! Calvin is adorable!