Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Acute Care, Ambulance Ride & Hospital Stay

Last week was a tough week.

I picked the kids up after school on Monday, and we headed home to swim. By the time all of the kids were ready to swim, it was 5:00. Justin was out of town and his parents offered to come help with the kids for the evening. They were going to bring supper for the kids at about 5:30. All three kids played in the pool, on the trampoline and ran all over the backyard. Justin's parents came at about 5:30. Jax was excited to see them, but within minutes of them being there, he started to say "owie" and started yawning a lot. If you know Jax, you know he never yawns. He also wanted to be held, started to get really pale and then stopped responding to our questions. Since we were still outside and in swimming suits, I told Jax we were going to go inside and change his clothes. I went to set him down on the deck and he couldn't stand. We immediately knew something was seriously wrong.

Justin's dad and I left immediately with him to get to a doctor. Acute care is closest to our house, so I felt it was best to get there in three minutes, rather than spending 10 or 15 minutes trying to get to the ER. Jax responded to my questions on the way there (blink your eyes, squeeze my hand, he named everyone in our family, told us Grandpa was driving the van...) The nurses at acute care got us right in. They took some blood work, which was not easy - after two pokes on his arms, they ended up using his fingers. This came back showing that his white blood cell count was high ... 24,000 and it should be closer to 17,000. The doctor felt it was best to run a few more tests on him, and while the nurse and I were getting him ready, he started to vomit. Immediately after he vomited, his whole body broke out in a rash. Then within minutes, the entire rash was gone. The doctor felt these events were very serious and said that we needed to take an ambulance to the hospital. So ... another first ... Jax and I took an ambulance ride. I sent Marlin back to our house to get my cell phone and a couple of other things, and then he met us at the hospital. Justin's mom stayed with the girls. I am so incredibly thankful that earlier in the day we had made arrangements for them to come help me for the evening.  When everything first happened, we told Justin just to stay in the cities. When we found out we were heading to the hospital, he (along with another guy he had traveled with), left the work event they were at, packed up their hotel rooms and headed home.

Jax did well in the ambulance. He talked with the paramedic and even got a new bear for riding in the ambulance. He was very brave and never fussed about being in there. (which clearly showed he did not feel well - because he does not like to sit still)

The nurses struggled to get an IV started. It took three attempts - one from the nurse, one from the flight nurse (who we have always had good luck with), and then finally they called for the NICU nurse to come down and she got it.

Jaxon's blood pressure was good throughout all of this. His heart rate was incredibly high and his oxygen level dipped a little shortly after he vomited and he needed oxygen for a short amount of time. He was able to rest for a  while we were in the ER. Marlin stayed with us the whole time, and my dear friend, Megan, came around 10:30 to sit with us for a while.

We arrived at the ER around 7ish, and we were finally taken to the castle (children's hospital) around midnight. Jax perked up when they moved us to the castle.We had asked that they bring us some tractors/trucks and balls. He sat in the crib and played and showed us some of smiles and laughs. That was short lived though when they decided they needed a urine sample and more blood work. We started all over with a lot of screaming. However, after all of that took place, he did rest again and fell asleep.

Monday night was a pretty good night for him. He ran fevers off and on, but it never went above 101.6, which was good, and it always came down with tylenol.

Justin arrived at the hospital shortly after 1 AM. I'm guessing his ride home from Minneapolis was not an easy one, however, I am thankful that Jack was with him.

Jax slept pretty well through the night. He woke up a couple of times saying "owie" but then he fell back asleep. The nurse gave him some tylenol around 4 AM, but he fell back asleep and slept until about 7:00 when the doctors came in.

Playing with his balloons and new puppy from Justin's coworkers ...

Jaxon had some cute visitors ...

Throughout the day, Jax was alert and playing, and then he would go to being lethargic for a little while. However, after his afternoon nap, he looked good, was drinking well, and the doctors were sure he was going home that day. We were comfortable with that because he was doing so well! We were discharged around 6:00 ... and then as we were walking out the door, the doctor came and got us and asked to come look at her computer. Some blood work had just come in and the culture had grown bacteria.

The doctors had mixed thoughts on this ...
1 - it was a false culture, meaning that something was not sterilized correctly when it was taken
2 - there was an infection in his blood

Often if bacteria is going to grow out of a culture, it takes about 48 hours. This bacteria grew within about 12-16 hours. We were given an option to take him home and watch him very closely or unpack our things and stay another night at the hospital. We were more comfortable staying another night in the hospital. We were praying he would continue to drink well, because they had already taken his IV out since we had been discharged and we didn't want to go through that again.

They also wanted to do another culture on him to see what would happen. Another needle poke. I could not handle watching him get poked again ... I left the room that time.

A little bit of silliness ... check out his sippy cup. :)

So ... we stayed another night. He had a pretty good night, and the doctors came in the next morning and told us we could go home. Jax was pretty excited! (so were we!) He did well at home, and then at about 3:30 I thought he felt warm and sure enough he had a fever again. We were told if he got another a fever, to give him Tylenol immediately and if it did not go down in an hour, we had to go back to the hospital. Thankfully it went down!

Jax had been cleared to go to daycare on Thursday, but we decided to keep him home. Justin's mom stayed with him, and then she brought him to Justin and myself at the clinic that afternoon to meet with our pediatrician. Our pediatrician confirmed he did have a blood infection - sepsis. This is something he has been vaccinated against, but vaccines only protect you about 80%. It's also something that some people get and never know they have it, while others get it and need treatment.

We are so thankful that Jax has recovered well from this. I had just been thinking that I should do an updated post on Jaxon's health, since he had been doing so well since April/May. Looks like I got around to doing the update - just not the update that I had planned to do!

We are very thankful the hundreds of texts (my phone stopped receiving them after a while), calls, messages, and emails that we received, along with the visitors in the hospital. We are truly blessed and surrounded by a wonderful family and a great group of friends!


Jordan said...

Poor Jax :( I'm glad he's feeling better!

Lee Anne said...

So scary. This poor boy has sure had his health scares! Glad they were able to find out what was going on...nothing worse than not having answers. Especially when it's something with such bad symptoms.

Abby said...

How scary! I'm so glad he's ok now.