Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, July 29, 2013

Outdoor Campus Field Trip!

Jordyn's preschool class had a field trip to Outdoor Campus on Friday. Since the kids don't go to daycare on Friday's in the summer, I told her teacher that we would meet them there so that Jordyn could still be a part of it!

The three kiddos were being silly before we left, but they were also being so nice to each other, and I almost got a great picture of the three of them. :) Jordyn was almost blinking in the first one and Jaxon in the second one. :)

Love these three sweet faces ...

We got to Outdoor Campus a little early, so the three kids played for about 25 minutes before the field trip started.

Jordyn and her class got to put on boots and go walk in the river and catch crawdads! I didn't take Jayla and Jax to the river, because as you can kind of see from these (very faraway) pictures it was a steep hill to walk down! Jordyn has a flowered shirt on, but is kind of hard to see in them since I was at the top of the hill.

Jordyn had a fun time with her friends! Jayla, Jax and I played at the park while Jordyn was at the river.  :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Scooters!

We bought the kids new scooters on Sunday! (I mean, after your one year old falls and needs stitches, who wouldn't buy him a scooter, right?! Please don't think we're crazy!)

The kids LOVE their new scooters!

Jax does really well! I don't have any action shots of him, but he puts one foot on the scooter and just pushes with the other. We don't expect him to balance and ride with both feet!  He's so cute on it!

This is more like it though ... when he's all done, he means business!

The girls also love to ride their bikes! Jayla thinks she's an airplane when she's on it. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There's a first for everything!

Unfortunately, the "first" that we had at our house on Saturday was one that we didn't want to have happen. Jaxon was jumping on our trampoline, fell back, hit his head and needed three stitches. 

Let me start by saying that we do not have a big trampoline. We have one that is small, only allows one kid on it at at time, and every piece is covered with some sort of padding. Earlier in the day, Jax thought he was funny by kind of doing a "butt bounce" and falling backwards (we made him stop though). Well ... he did that again on Saturday night, and he hit the pole, which is covered in a material very similar to a swimming noodle. He started to cry so Justin grabbed him, and then realized he was bleeding a lot. I ran for towels and Justin and Megan held him. We left almost immediately -- and I held him in the car. I prayed the whole way there that 1) we wouldn't get pulled over (but that a cop would probably escort us to the clinic if that happened) and 2) that we wouldn't get in an accident as I held him for the three miles that we had to go. Acute Care was still open and was closest to our house so that's where we went. Jax was very calm the whole way there and talked about every truck, puppy, and tractor that he saw.

The part that was the worst was the shot to numb his head to do the stitches. They wrapped him in a blanket and it took two nurses, Justin and myself to hold him down. The doctor thought for sure that the nurses would do it on their own - he wouldn't believe us on how strong this kid was. It was less than a couple of seconds before they were needing our help to hold him down! Once his head was numb, he did just fine for the stitches.

Here's his head after the three stitches ...

After we got home, he was running full speed ahead, which made us so nervous. He was climbing on the couch, tried to jump off of it, and then tried to purposely flip the rocking horse. These are all very normal things that Jaxon thinks are fun -- but Mommy and Daddy do not. Nothing scares him! It was not easy to restrain him that night and make him sit! After Jade, Megan and the boys left, we decided to put the kids' pjs on, put them all in the strollers and go for a walk. And -- we heard the ice cream truck, so we chased him down. Popsicles make everything better. :)

We found the tiny little nob that Jax hit his head on. It was under padding, and we couldn't even believe that is what he hit - but we knew exactly what part of the trampoline he had hit. He's so mad that he can't get on the trampoline. He threw the biggest fits yesterday and today!

He gets his stitches out on Thursday night or Friday morning ... whichever works better for us. Hopefully that will go smoothly! You would never guess that Jax had gotten hurt by the way he is running around!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Play date!

On Saturday afternoon our friends, Jade and Megan, dropped their boys off to spend some time with us. Jade and Megan were out car shopping, so we were able to have the boys play at our house! Zach is a few months younger than Jordyn and Brody is right between Jayla and Jax. The kids played so nice together!

Jade and Megan came back around dinner time, brought Taco Johns for us ... and then after talking about how they would take care of our kids another day, their repayment to us came much faster than expected. Jaxon hit his head on a tiny little nob that was under a pad on the trampoline and needed stitches. Jade and Megan stayed with the kids as we left the house very quickly with Jax. More to come one that soon! :)

Our kids sure had fun though playing with the boys!

Another Zoo Trip!

The kids and I go to the zoo almost every week. We love having a season pass! (Thanks Grandma Helen - the kids love their Christmas present each year!)

I don't usually take too many pictures, because I'm too busy chasing Jax. He likes to ride in his stroller for a little while, but mostly he wants to run and climb fences! 

On his own he went and picked a handful of grass and tried to feed a duck! (and then I quickly pulled him away before the duck could peck him)

One of their favorite things to do is feed the ducks!

I promise, I do not tell my kids to pose ... they ask to have their picture taken and do this ...

... they have taught Jax too ...

Jax loved milking the cow!

He loved this turtle too!

He hugged and kissed it when it was time to move on ... 

Jaxon loves the zoo - his favorites are the alligators, monkeys and cows. His little face lights up when we talk about the zoo and he will start to yell "monkey" if I tell him that we are going. :) I'm sure we'll be back there again this week!