Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy, But Fun Few Days!

The last few days have been very busy! 

We kept Jayla home from daycare on Wednesday due to a fever. It started in the middle of the night and continued all day Wednesday. That was all she had though - just a fever.  She slept more than normal and didn't eat great throughout the day, but other than that, she acted fine! Justin stayed home with her that morning, and I came home for the afternoon. We both enjoyed a little snuggle time with her.

On Thursday after school, we met my good friend, Taera, her husband, daughter and nephew at the mall. Taera and Chris were home from Texas for a little while. It was so fun to see them! Of course the time always goes fast and is too short, but we are so glad that we were able to connect for a little while. Picture us at Applebees ... four adults and five kids ... ages 4 (Jordyn), 2 (Jayla - almost 3), 2 1/2 (Bennet, Taera's nephew), 2 (Hadley- Taera's daughter), and 17 months (Jax). Those five kids did a phenomenal job. Of course we made some noise and they got out of their seats, but those five kids amazed me! (Unfortunately, while trying to keep the kids entertained, it never dawned on me to take any pictures.)

On Friday night, Justin and I went out for a little while. My good friend (and teaching teammate), Micah, turned 40! It has been a big couple of weeks in the third grade hallway - my 30th and then Micah's 40th. I put together a Diet Coke cake for her. It turned out super cute - I think I used about 30 cans of Diet Coke and made a 3 tier cake out of the cans. It was a fun surprise for her!

We celebrated with Micah, our other teaching teammates and many of Micah's other friends. Such a fun night! Our kids were in the wonderful care of Miss Jordan, Jayla's preschool teacher. The kids had a great time!
On Saturday, my sister and Josh stopped by for a little while. They were flying out of the SF airport to go visit some friends, so they spent a few hours with us before leaving. The kids were pretty excited to have Kiki and Josh to play with!
On Saturday night, Justin and I went to the American Cancer Society Gala. We had a great time. A few of our friends were there as well.

I had the worst time deciding what to wear and ended up buying 3 dresses. It was cold here, so I wanted to be somewhat warm, so I decided on this dress from White House Black Market.

After the gala, we went out with some friends. It was a late night, but we had a great time!

My mom and dad helped us out on Saturday night watched the kids for us. :) The kids were pretty excited to have Grandpa and Grandma at our house!

Sunday was Palm Sunday, and the girls sang in church. Jayla isn't 3 yet, but she is still able to go to Children's Church. Jordyn is awesome at helping her, and we told Jordyn to be Jayla's special helper when they walked into church. Imagine how my heart melted when we saw this ...

I know those pictures aren't great since they were from the phone, but still cute to capture the love between them! The girls didn't do the actions to the songs, but they still did some singing. It was super cute!
Jayla asked me to take her picture after church wearing Mommy's shoes ...

Then I attempted to take one of the two girls. Jordyn is not wanting pictures taken of her these days!

Notice anything wrong with this picture? Ha! Jayla decided to crawl into the high chair!
"Do I have to smile, Mom?"

This monster can sure rip apart a house in seconds, but that smile is so sweet!

New entertainment at our house! This stroller is meant to hold a 2 pound doll ... not a 30 pound Jaxon! But we sure got a laugh from it ... and we waited for the stroller to collapse, but it didn't! After two laps around the island, we put a stop to it. :)

Ending with a funny picture! Justin was watching the kids the other night, and he sent me this picture ...

Jax and Jayla think it's hilarious to crawl into the dog kennel! They giggle so hard when they are in it! Jax usually curls up in Gizmo's bed. Ha! :)
On to another busy week!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jayla ~ 2 years 11 Months

This is Jayla's last monthly post! I stopped when Jordyn turned 3 as well. In less than one short month, Jayla will be 3 years old. I cannot believe that!

These pictures make me laugh so hard. Justin's grandparents stopped over for a little while last weekend. As they were getting ready to go home, Jayla decided she didn't want Grandpa Gerry to go home ...

She gave us a good laugh!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... wears mostly 4t and 5t clothes and still a size 8 shoe.

... loves to go to daycare to be with her friends. She had to stay home on Wednesday because of a fever (it was strange - just a fever and nothing else), and she was so sad. She cried so hard because she wanted to go to school. At least we know she loves it there. Since she was sick, she got Daddy all to herself for the morning and Mommy all to herself for the afternoon. It was good for her - and I think it was good for both Justin and myself to have time with just her. 

... is amazing at doing puzzles - both regular puzzles and puzzles on the ipad. She flies right through them!

... still struggles with sleeping at night. We are kind of at a loss right now with what to do for her. Most nights she ends up in our bed at some point. We don't like that, but there's only so much time we can spend sleeping on her floor. She often doesn't sleep if we aren't rubbing her hand or at least touching her hand.

... loves children's church! She gets so excited for church on Sunday. Jordyn has been very helpful too with taking care of Jayla during children's church.

... still does not have her 2 year old molars! Jordyn got hers when she was 14 months old, which was quite early, but Jayla is almost 3 and is still waiting on them!

... is quite a pair when she is with Jaxon. Those two are hilarious together, yet they are complete trouble! Jordyn is quite calm and is happy to just play a game, read books or watch TV. Jayla and Jaxon are wild and are into everything! 

... likes Mickey Mouse and princesses. She can't decide if she wants a Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday or a princess. Mommy is encouraging princess ... it's easier for me to make. :)

We still can't believe that Jayla will be 3 very soon! I am going to miss her telling everyone that she is "2 and a half." She's excited to turn 3 so that she can go to Jordyn's school and do Tumblebus!

Valentine's Day

I just realized that I never posted Valentine pictures.

Due to Justin being out of town and Jaxon being very sick the week of Valentine's Day, I didn't get too many pictures taken. 

The girls and I made heart crayons for their friends. Of course I was putting them together at midnight and gave up on putting a cute saying on the cards.

I tried to get a picture of the girls with the boxes they decorated .. but I couldn't get them to both cooperate at the same time.

Valentine's Day was very low key - Justin had been out of town for several days and got home that evening, and Jaxon was very sick with high and low temperatures. I think I'll hope for a much less eventful Valentine's Day next year. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Big 3-0!

I turned the big 3-0 on Saturday. I remember thinking 30 seemed so old ... and now I'm part of that club!

We had a fun time celebrating though! Last weekend we celebrated with a group of friends. It was a blast! Our friends Jade & Megan, Justin & Tricia, and Justin & Dana joined us for the evening. (Poor Jade ... he missed out on being a part of the "Justin's" ... at least he's a "J" name.) We went out to eat at Chevy's and then to a couple of bars. We had so much fun and lots of laughs! We are blessed with some great friends!

We didn't take too many pictures that night. I wished we had taken one of the eight of us, or even just the four girls. Oh well - we will have plenty of more nights with them!

I was lucky enough to wear the sombrero at Chevy's ...

Hitting the dance floor ...

Megan and I ...

Jade and I ...

My teaching teammates were so good to me on Friday. They decorated my room, one of the classes came and sang to me, and they had students deliver 30 different treats/gifts to me throughout the day. Those teammates are another huge blessing in my life!

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well the whole day. I could tell by about 1:00 that I had a fever. I had horrible body aches and just felt blah. We were going to go to Happy Hour after work, but by 2:30 I made the decision that I couldn't go. I left school shortly after the students did. I came home and slept for a little while before having to get the kids. Justin helped me pick up the kids, and we just spent our evening at home. I felt pretty crummy through the night, but I was better by Saturday morning. Our kids must have been excited for my birthday, because at 5:45, they were ready to play!

My parents joined us for lunch on Saturday. We also took the kids to the mall for a little while and enjoyed some ice cream cake that night. I was planning to meet up with my friends later that evening for girls night, but plans fell through with some of them not being able to find baby-sitters.  No big deal ... Justin and I spent the evening watching Storage Wars. :)

A few last pictures of me with each of the kids on my birthday!

I asked Jax for a kiss - and he really is good at giving kisses, but this time he tried to bite my face!

The kids were pretty excited for ice cream cake - and Jax was showing off his muscles by lifting the high chair tray above his head!

Jayla found Mommy's sunglasses! 

How can you not love that smile?!?! :)

(Jordyn was not in the mood for pictures, so I don't have any others of her.)

Jordyn made me a birthday hat at school ... :)

30 ... it sounds so old! I'm sure I'll be use to it soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who needs toys?

Our kids have a new favorite thing to do ... empty the pots and pans from the cupboard and take out 10+ spoons from the drawer. The racket they create is awful! And ... we have now put a stop to this after looking closely at the damage they've done to a few pans.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New shades!

The girls wanted new sunglasses while we were at the mall the other night. They are ready for summer! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MRI Update!

It was another busy week/weekend, and I just remembered that I hadn't updated the blog with the results of Jaxon's MRI! Many of you know the results since I posted it on facebook, but for those of you don't, we were thrilled to hear that the MRI was clear! :)

Jax had to be sedated for the MRI, and he was still coughing the day of the MRI. The nurse wasn't sure if the doctor would agree to sedate him. The doctor did say it would be okay though. They told us after the MRI that they weren't sure if he was going to get through it. He started coughing pretty badly during the MRI. He did stop though and they were able to get everything they needed. Whew! 

Just a few pictures to share from after the MRI ...

Poor Jax was STARVING! He couldn't have food/milk after 5 AM and he could have apple juice/Gatorade/water up until 9 AM. He kept going over to his high chair trying to climb in. He wanted food so badly!

Immediately after waking up he ate a whole bowl of cereal and drank a whole cup of apple juice! He made us laugh! In true Jaxon fashion, he woke up from the sedation ready to play! We expected him to be in a bit of a fog (similar to how our three kids came back from getting their ear tubes), but Jaxon never shed a tear and was ready to play. He sweetly looked at us when he woke up and said, "Hi!" 

So ... where does that leave us? We know that Jaxon's heart, lungs and brain are all fine! We know that he doesn't have a thyroid problem, he's not anemic, and we know that his immune system is fine.

We are kind of at a standstill right now and the plan is to just continue to monitor him. Normally I would want more of a plan than that, but he has been doing very well the last three weeks. We have not caught his temperature dropping since the bad week he had in February. Maybe he's going to outgrow it. It has been a strange thing to deal with. For now, we are incredibly thankful that he is doing well and that his tests have come back fine!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. :)