Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I couldn't think of a better title for my post than "Ugh!" ... because that's about how I feel right now.

Of course within a short time of my last post, things got worse again for Jax. I had taken him to daycare for a little while, and they called at lunchtime because he wasn't eating his lunch and his temp was 96.6. That was a bit low, but a temp that I was still comfortable with. Then they called about an hour later, and his temp was 95.4. Our appointment with the doctor wasn't until 4:15, but I called in to the clinic on my way to daycare ... and usually when you ask the receptionist to speak to a nurse, they take a message and the nurse calls you back. However, between the panic in my voice and my nearly uncontrollable crying on the phone, the receptionist didn't ask too many questions and put me right through to our favorite nurse, Nancy. Poor Nancy could probably hardly understand me because I was crying so hard at that point, but she told me to get him right to the clinic and they would be ready for us. Our clinic is literally two blocks from our daycare.

I picked Jaxon up and he was freezing. I quickly put his hat and coat on him, wrapped him in his blanket, and put him in the van, which was very warm. Within the two blocks that I had to drive, his body temperature went back to normal. We arrived at the clinic with two nurses waiting at the door with warming blankets. I could already tell though that his body temperature was normal - and it was 97.7 when they took it. He didn't look good though.

Our doctor came in quite fast, and ordered a bunch of tests again ... another chest xray (ugh!), finger poke, blood work (from his arm), urine test (catheters in toddlers are not fun), and an RSV/Influenza test. Wouldn't you know it ... everything came back just fine. Jaxon was amazing during these tests. He didn't even flinch with the blood work!

Tomorrow morning I am taking him for more blood work. On Tuesday morning I am taking him to meet with a neurologist, and we will have another appointment with the pediatrician this week. I think I'm going to run out of sick days again this year - and it's not even due to a maternity leave!

Friday-Sunday were all good days for Jaxon. He was acting just fine, and we never found a time that his temperature was dropping. It is so strange.

And just so you can see what Jaxon is usually like ... we literally spend every moment he's awake chasing him and saying, "No Jaxon. All done, Jaxon." ... because he does things like this all the time ...

(he's on top of a DVD player and Apple TV ... and he pushed a glass vase/candle on the floor) 

A few quick pictures after church this morning ...

Our handsome little dude!

This is more like it ... running away! (and you should see his newest trick ... trying to climb down the steps head first ... no pictures to share of that! :) He keeps us on our toes!

Please pray that we get some answers soon and that Jax will continue to feel well.

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Lee Anne said...

Goodness! How horrible! I just can't imagine what could be going on. It's so rare to have a sickness/condition that NO ONE has ever experienced before. I always rely so much on other moms helping me out in these situations! Maybe we should all flood facebook to see if anyone else has ever experienced this with their little would think with hundreds of "friends" one person would have some experience with this.

Hang in there Jess. You have been through so much. The job we do is hard enough each and every day without missing so much work and being so stressed about your kids. It's just so hard. I can't imagine the stress you are under.

Still saying many, many prayers.