Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Last week we finally received some snow - about 7 inches worth! I told the kids that I would pick them up early on Friday from daycare so that we would have time to play in the snow before supper.

The girls were so excited! Jaxon was less than thrilled about having snow pants and boots on. He tried so hard to take them off! However, once we were outside he loved it! He giggled so hard and had so much fun playing.

Justin was bummed that he missed all of the fun, so we made sure to go out again on Sunday. When Jaxon saw the girls getting their snow pants on, he ran over to the hook, grabbed his, and brought them to us to put on. He's so stinkin' cute! He couldn't wait to go play outside again.

It's a good thing though that Jaxon didn't realize he was wearing pink snow pants and pink snow boots. He'll love these pictures in a few years. Ha! :)

The kids have loved the snow! I am so glad that we got a little bit for them to play in! :)

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