Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, February 8, 2013

Celebrating Miles!

Our nephew, Miles, turned 1 on February 6. We celebrated his 1st Birthday last weekend. Since Darin, Kathryn and Miles live in the cities, they decided to have the birthday party at Justin's parent's house so that it would be easier for everyone to make it. We had a fun time with everyone!

Grandma Shelli with her two grandsons ...

Justin tried to hold Jax for a picture - look who is trying to escape!

All ready for our yummy pizza lunch!

Opening presents!

A new sled!

Grandma bought a sled for our kids to in hopes that they could play outside. We have no snow though! (However, that will be changing soon since we are in a blizzard watch right now.)

The boys in the sled ... and yes, Jaxon often puts buckets on his head ... and he will try to walk with them on as well which is entertaining but dangerous! I'm telling you ... that kid is a full-time job! :) You cannot turn away for a second!

Auntie Kathryn and Jordyn

I wish I had a video of what was happening in this picture of Jayla and Jaxon. They were standing in the sled, and Great Grandpa Gerry had a hold of the rope, and he would give it a slight little tug so the kids would move. Jayla and Jaxon thought it was hilarious!

Waiting so patiently for cake!

Miles checking out his cake!

Jordyn and Jayla were teachers ... Grandpa Marlin was their student!

The fun attempt of all four grand kids ... :)

This might have been a good one ... if Relzie wasn't in front of Jordyn! Seriously, Jordyn?!?!?! :)

Then we had Grandpa and Grandma join the picture. :)

I give up!

Jayla kissing Miles ...

Jordyn was working on her photography skills and took this picture of Auntie Kathryn and Relzie ...

Auntie Jess and Miles!

There were a bunch of other pictures from the day, but I think 30 was enough from one post! :) We had a fun day celebrating! Happy 1st Birthday, Miles!

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