Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Last week we finally received some snow - about 7 inches worth! I told the kids that I would pick them up early on Friday from daycare so that we would have time to play in the snow before supper.

The girls were so excited! Jaxon was less than thrilled about having snow pants and boots on. He tried so hard to take them off! However, once we were outside he loved it! He giggled so hard and had so much fun playing.

Justin was bummed that he missed all of the fun, so we made sure to go out again on Sunday. When Jaxon saw the girls getting their snow pants on, he ran over to the hook, grabbed his, and brought them to us to put on. He's so stinkin' cute! He couldn't wait to go play outside again.

It's a good thing though that Jaxon didn't realize he was wearing pink snow pants and pink snow boots. He'll love these pictures in a few years. Ha! :)

The kids have loved the snow! I am so glad that we got a little bit for them to play in! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Good for a laugh!

Just sayin' ... we may never get a "normal" picture of our three kids!

This picture pretty much sums up how impossible it is to take a picture of our kids! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jayla ~ 2 Years 10 Months

Jayla is only two months away from being 3!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 38 pounds.

... wears mostly 4t clothes and size 8 shoes.

... does not sleep well, at all. It takes nearly an hour every night to get her to sleep right now, and then she is up a ton during the night. She wants me holding her hand at all times. We are at a loss of what to do for her. Poor girl!

... loves school and her best friend, Sajen. One day she was really sad after we left daycare, and I asked her what was wrong. She told me she was sad because she forgot to give Sajen a kiss. Oh boy ... we are in trouble.

... loves to play with Jordyn and Jaxon. Her new thing is to have Jaxon sit on her lap so that she can read books to him. It's funny - he's not much smaller than her, so it doesn't work too well.

... thinks that Joey on Full House is so funny! 

... is a puzzle master on the ipad! The ipad has been such a good thing for Jayla. It is very calming and relaxing for her. She loves to do puzzles and can do them so quickly!

... very much wants everything her way. Do not try to do it for her - you may hear a screaming for at least 10 minutes! She is very independent! (Never flush the toilet after she goes unless you have asked her permission ... or be ready to pee after you have flushed it so that she can flush it!)

... still loves to do the Cha-Cha Slide. One of her teachers text me a video of it the other day - so funny!

... has spent some (or a lot) of time on our "crying couch." She often starts her fits at nighttime, so she has to go to the crying couch and she can't get off of it until she's done crying. Tonight she started crying and said, "I need the crying couch." She screamed for 10 minutes and then was ready to go to bed. 

... enjoys playing with her baby dolls, puzzles, reading books, and singing songs.

We still can't believe that she will be 3 in less two months! Time is flying by! We love you, Jayla Grace! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend and Jaxon Update!

We had a nice weekend. Justin was gone Tuesday - Thursday last week, so we were all excited to have him on Thursday night ... especially after some long days of worrying about Jaxon!

The girls invited themselves to Grandpa and Grandma's again for the weekend. Of course my parents said yes. They picked the girls up on Friday night. Jordyn had her class pet, Penelopie (a stuffed dog), for the weekend. She wanted to make sure Penelopie met Grandpa's new cows, which is part of the reason that the girls invited themselves to Grandpa and Grandma's house!

After my parents picked up the girls on Friday night, I headed out to a movie with a couple of friends. I was so glad that Dana and Kelly had made plans to go to a movie and they asked me to join them. It was perfect timing after a long week, and I enjoyed spending time with them. We saw Safe Haven. I loved it! Now I need to read the book. (in all of my free time that I have)

We kept Jaxon with us for the weekend. We took him out to eat on Saturday, and then we headed to my parents' house late Saturday afternoon.

Justin took the girls on a photo shoot since Jordyn needed pictures for Penelopie's book.

Jordyn, Relzie, Penelopie, Jayla, and Honey with the cows ...
(Yes, our girls have interesting names for their babies - but they came up with those names on their own.)

Penelopie went down an old slide at the farm ... 

We brought the girls back with us on Saturday night. Jordyn fed Penelopie breakfast on Sunday morning ...

On Sunday we went to church. The girls did no have Children's Church, so they stayed with us. They were fantastic during church! Jordyn had a bit of a meltdown at the end, but Jayla was perfect the entire service. We could hardly believe that she did so well. :)

Justin left early again on Monday morning and just got home a few minutes ago. I think he's done traveling for a little while - thank goodness. We are ready to have him home. Three weeks in a row that involved traveling was wearing on me!

I took Jaxon in for more blood work on Monday morning. He did great with it! Jayla was with me this time, and she was so sweet. "You're so brave, Buddy! Good job, Buddy!" This blood work was checking his pituitary gland and adrenal gland. It all came back just fine!

Today I took Jaxon to meet with a pediatric neurologist. I guess I'm not sure what I should have expected at this appointment, but I was quite disappointed after the appointment. Basically I was asked all of the same questions that our pediatrician has gone through many times (and were already answered on Jaxon's chart). I once again left the appointment with no answers. His suggestion was for Jaxon to sleep on a heating blanket. I disagreed with this. If Jaxon's temp is normal, he will be sweating on a heating blanket. I could use one to heat him up if he's cold, but I am not comfortable with him sleeping on it at all times. He also said he would not move the MRI, so we are still waiting until March 5 for that. I just felt so frustrated after the appointment today ... had a mini meltdown on my way to take Jaxon to daycare ... and then I headed to work. I seriously have some of the best students who greeted me with hugs. I also work with an amazing staff who had a put a very nice card and gift card to Pizza Ranch in my mailbox today for our family. Another tearful moment today. What a wonderful reminder of how much support we have between family and friends.

The good news is that Jaxon's temperature has continued to stay normal - it has been since Friday. We will pray that it stays that way.

One last picture ... our friends, Justin and Dana, had nursery duty on Sunday. Dana sent me this picture of Jaxon sleeping on Justin. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I couldn't think of a better title for my post than "Ugh!" ... because that's about how I feel right now.

Of course within a short time of my last post, things got worse again for Jax. I had taken him to daycare for a little while, and they called at lunchtime because he wasn't eating his lunch and his temp was 96.6. That was a bit low, but a temp that I was still comfortable with. Then they called about an hour later, and his temp was 95.4. Our appointment with the doctor wasn't until 4:15, but I called in to the clinic on my way to daycare ... and usually when you ask the receptionist to speak to a nurse, they take a message and the nurse calls you back. However, between the panic in my voice and my nearly uncontrollable crying on the phone, the receptionist didn't ask too many questions and put me right through to our favorite nurse, Nancy. Poor Nancy could probably hardly understand me because I was crying so hard at that point, but she told me to get him right to the clinic and they would be ready for us. Our clinic is literally two blocks from our daycare.

I picked Jaxon up and he was freezing. I quickly put his hat and coat on him, wrapped him in his blanket, and put him in the van, which was very warm. Within the two blocks that I had to drive, his body temperature went back to normal. We arrived at the clinic with two nurses waiting at the door with warming blankets. I could already tell though that his body temperature was normal - and it was 97.7 when they took it. He didn't look good though.

Our doctor came in quite fast, and ordered a bunch of tests again ... another chest xray (ugh!), finger poke, blood work (from his arm), urine test (catheters in toddlers are not fun), and an RSV/Influenza test. Wouldn't you know it ... everything came back just fine. Jaxon was amazing during these tests. He didn't even flinch with the blood work!

Tomorrow morning I am taking him for more blood work. On Tuesday morning I am taking him to meet with a neurologist, and we will have another appointment with the pediatrician this week. I think I'm going to run out of sick days again this year - and it's not even due to a maternity leave!

Friday-Sunday were all good days for Jaxon. He was acting just fine, and we never found a time that his temperature was dropping. It is so strange.

And just so you can see what Jaxon is usually like ... we literally spend every moment he's awake chasing him and saying, "No Jaxon. All done, Jaxon." ... because he does things like this all the time ...

(he's on top of a DVD player and Apple TV ... and he pushed a glass vase/candle on the floor) 

A few quick pictures after church this morning ...

Our handsome little dude!

This is more like it ... running away! (and you should see his newest trick ... trying to climb down the steps head first ... no pictures to share of that! :) He keeps us on our toes!

Please pray that we get some answers soon and that Jax will continue to feel well.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trying To Keep Up!

The one and only time that all three kids have sat still at the same time for more than 2 seconds ... watching MMC

I have had a difficult time trying to keep up with the blog over the past couple of weeks. The last few weeks have zoomed by, yet at times they felt like they were never going to end. I was looking forward to today ... parent teacher conferences would be over (actually over on Tuesday night), my break from school was starting (Wednesday afternoon), and Jaxon's MRI would be over. Today was going to be a day for me to rest.

Of course, life with three little ones is never predictable!

Justin was out of town last Thursday and Friday. I had conferences on Thursday until 7:00. Justin's mom and grandma helped out with the kids. I had conferences again Monday and Tuesday until 7:00. Justin took care of the kids on Monday evening, and then he left very early on Tuesday morning to be gone for a few days again. My parents helped with the kids while I was at conferences on Tuesday. 

But ... like I said, things don't always go as planned with three small kids. Jaxon threw up at about midnight on Monday and spiked a 103 fever. Of course this sent me in to panic mode knowing that Justin was heading out of town in just a few short hours and I had full day of teaching and conferences. Jaxon's temperature hung around the 99.5 area, and sadly, I took him to daycare with that. I felt like the worst mom ever and cried the whole way there. I just knew that missing school wasn't really an option though either. I wanted to call and check on him all day, but I was afraid they would say I needed to come get him. I just kept praying he was okay. 

I left school for about 20 minutes when I had a break from conferences to get Jayla and Jaxon picked up from daycare. My parents met me there and we switched vehicles. Jaxon of course did not have a good day, but he was in good spirits while I was there and he did well for my parents until I got home at 8:00.

Jaxon was scheduled to have his MRI on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I spent a good amount of time on the phone with nurses about his fever, cough and vomiting. They decided they could not sedate him on Wednesday due to the fever and cough and that the MRI would need to be postponed. They mentioned they would like the MRI two weeks later so that his body could get over whatever infection he is battling. When they looked at their schedule, the next available MRI appointment is still three weeks away. Ugh. I just want it over.

Jaxon had a fever about 103 all night Tuesday night, so I kept him home with me on Wednesday. By about 4:30 in the afternoon, he seemed to be acting like his normal self and he ate well. At 11:00 last night, he woke up screaming so I went to his crib and could tell he was freezing. From 11:00-2:00 I checked his body temperature every 2-5 minutes ... it hung around 95.0-96.0 degrees. I finally got him warmed up and his coloring looked much better. I went back and forth so many times on if I should load up all three kids and head to the ER, or just try to warm him up by myself. If it had gone below 95, I was for sure heading to the hospital. He woke up this morning and was just fine! He ate a huge breakfast, crawled in and out of his high chair when I turned my back for 3 seconds (he's so fast at everything that he does). Note to self - go back to using the straps in the high chair.

I got maybe one hour of sleep last night, because I set my alarm to wake up every 20 minutes to check on him. Eventually I put him in bed with me ... and Jayla joined us ... and Jordyn joined us ... and Gizmo was in there too. I'm pretty sure a queen size bed is not made for that many people!

Today I am taking him back to the pediatrician. I am just praying we get some answers soon.

I haven't taken too many pictures recently, so a number of these pictures are from a few weeks ago/few months ago. :)

Yes, she's wearing a colander on her head ...

Two last pictures ... our friend, Justin, just had his 30th Birthday. We had a blast celebrating on Saturday night. We have such a fun group of friends! This first picture cracks me up, because Jade looks like the bottle is up his nose. Ha! :)

I am hoping the rest of my break from school is low-key. I am looking forward to Justin getting back home (for a few days) and then he leaves again. I am looking forward to a little rest and getting caught up on errands and housework. And ... I am praying that we get some answers on Jaxon soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Jayla!

This little cutie can sure throw the biggest, loudest and longest temper tantrums that I have ever seen/heard, but she can also make our hearts melt with the things she says and does! :) She's been doing the temper tantrums since she was 14 months old - she will grow out of it, right?!?! :)

These pictures just bring the biggest smile to my face! She asked me to put all of her hair in a pony and take a picture. She looks so grown up, and those eyes are so beautiful!!

Jayla Grace - we love you so much!!! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Celebrating Miles!

Our nephew, Miles, turned 1 on February 6. We celebrated his 1st Birthday last weekend. Since Darin, Kathryn and Miles live in the cities, they decided to have the birthday party at Justin's parent's house so that it would be easier for everyone to make it. We had a fun time with everyone!

Grandma Shelli with her two grandsons ...

Justin tried to hold Jax for a picture - look who is trying to escape!

All ready for our yummy pizza lunch!

Opening presents!

A new sled!

Grandma bought a sled for our kids to in hopes that they could play outside. We have no snow though! (However, that will be changing soon since we are in a blizzard watch right now.)

The boys in the sled ... and yes, Jaxon often puts buckets on his head ... and he will try to walk with them on as well which is entertaining but dangerous! I'm telling you ... that kid is a full-time job! :) You cannot turn away for a second!

Auntie Kathryn and Jordyn

I wish I had a video of what was happening in this picture of Jayla and Jaxon. They were standing in the sled, and Great Grandpa Gerry had a hold of the rope, and he would give it a slight little tug so the kids would move. Jayla and Jaxon thought it was hilarious!

Waiting so patiently for cake!

Miles checking out his cake!

Jordyn and Jayla were teachers ... Grandpa Marlin was their student!

The fun attempt of all four grand kids ... :)

This might have been a good one ... if Relzie wasn't in front of Jordyn! Seriously, Jordyn?!?!?! :)

Then we had Grandpa and Grandma join the picture. :)

I give up!

Jayla kissing Miles ...

Jordyn was working on her photography skills and took this picture of Auntie Kathryn and Relzie ...

Auntie Jess and Miles!

There were a bunch of other pictures from the day, but I think 30 was enough from one post! :) We had a fun day celebrating! Happy 1st Birthday, Miles!