Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jaxon ~ 1 Year 4 Months

All of my most recent posts have been about Jaxon. Here's one more. :)

Hiding in the toy box!

The only time he sits still is in his high chair. :)

Saying "please" ...

Playing peek-a-boo ...

Stuffing his mouth with food. :)

Jaxon's new squinty/flirty look that he'll give you - he started doing this to my sisters last weekend. It was hilarious!

Jaxon ...

... weighs 30 pounds (95th percentile).

... wears mostly 24 month clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers. Once the size 4 diapers are gone, we will move him to size 5. He's a big boy!

... has added a few more words to his vocabulary ... bite, milk (sounds like mok), and Mommy. He use to say Mommy a lot, but he really hasn't said it much in the last few months. Now he's learned to shout it when he really needs something. Our very favorite words though that he says (shouts) are "All Done!" He is so funny when he does it. He had to get shots a couple of weeks ago, and the whole time he was on the bed in the clinic, he kept yelling "all done" at the nurses. He yelled "all done" when they did his EKG as well.

... has 16 teeth, and has for a while - I just forgot that to add to his monthly post two months ago.

... still loves Mickey Mouse. He has a new Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that he often carries around with him. 

... loves to play with trucks and balls. He also likes to color with his sisters and steal any toy that they are playing with.

... just finished wearing his 24 hour heart monitor and did great!

... loves taking vitamins. He has just started eating fruit snacks and his vitamins are gummy vitamins, and he thinks they are the greatest thing. He throws a huge fit when his vitamins are gone in the morning. He usually shouts "more" in between his screams.

... thinks that dumping Gizmo's water and food out is funny. Mommy and Daddy don't quite find the humor in it!

... loves to crawl in things ... the toy box, baskets, and the most recent thing - kitchen drawers. I'm afraid he's going to break one of the drawers. I turned my back for a second today, and he was sitting in it! Aahh!

... enjoys playing on the ipad with his sisters. They are pretty good about being patient with him and letting him watch what they are doing.

... continues to be a happy, energetic boy! We are praying that we get good results on his upcoming tests. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jaxon ~ EEG and EKG

Jaxon had his EEG yesterday morning. I think as far as getting Jaxon to stay still, this is the one test I was most worried about. However, Jaxon did an amazing job. We had a great team of nurses of who kept him occupied, and they worked fast. I tried to stay back, because the few times that he paid attention to me, he wanted me.

Jax had a lot of electrodes connected to his head, but it didn't bother him. It also helped that the nurses were so wonderful to him!

All wrapped up!

We had to have him about 3-4 hours sleep deprived so that he would sleep during part of the test. The only time he really cried was when they woke him up - he wanted to continue napping. After he had been awake for a few minutes, they put a strobe light in front of him. He thought it was so funny, and he giggled a little and smiled through the whole thing. He kept reaching for the light, and when the test was done and they moved the light, he continued to reach for the it. Justin, the nurse and I sure got a good laugh out of this!

We were told the results would be read by the neurologist within 2 to 7 days. We hate the waiting game - but they already called us today and told us the the EEG looked great!! Yay!!!

After the EEG yesterday, we received a call saying that the EKG had been read by a cardiologist. The EKG showed that Jaxon has a 1st Degree Heart Block. This can be a very minor thing and may not require treatment. He is currently wearing a heart a monitor for 24 hours. We will take that back to the hospital at about 3:30 tomorrow. The results from the monitor and log that we are keeping will be read, and we will meet with a cardiologist on Monday. This may or may not be connected to his low body temps - however, I am so thankful that we continued to ask for more testing. We have just felt that something wasn't right since his hospital stay in October.

Of course we have done a lot of reading on this heart block, and many articles that we have read say that no treatment is needed for most people. We are praying that will be the case for Jaxon. We are also praying though that we will get an answer for the low body temps. As of now, the MRI is still scheduled for February 13. 

Thank you for the prayers that have been said for Jaxon. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jaxon ~ Quick Update

Jaxon's ear infection came back over the weekend - and it has been nasty - very bloody. So, we made a quick call to the doctor, and they wanted to see him. Justin took him, and I finished teaching and then met them at the clinic because Justin had to leave for a meeting. 

Justin picked up Jaxon early from daycare to head to the doctor. I received this picture and message in my email before leaving work ...

"As soon as I walked in, before I think Jax even saw me, he was running to the toy box. He proceeded to dive in head first and then lay/sit there with with the toys. He was pretty happy, and I thought it was pretty cute so I snapped a picture quick."

I literally burst out laughing when I saw it. This picture is a perfect description of our crazy boy! :)

Jaxon is back on an antibiotic for his ears. My heart just breaks for this little guy! Thankfully, he does not seem bothered by his ears.

We were originally scheduled to do his EKG on Wednesday afternoon. The doctor asked if we just wanted to do it today since we were already at the clinic, and then we wouldn't have to make another trip there on Wednesday. Sounded good to us! Our wonderful nurses, Nancy and Lexi, hooked Jaxon up, and I held his hands while they did the work. Once he was hooked up, I continued to hold his hands, Lexi ran the machine, and Nancy held his body. He cried and wiggled at first, but then Nancy sang to him and he loved that. He wasn't wanting his mommy to sing to him - he wanted Nancy. We just love our nurses!!

Our doctor took a quick look at the EKG results and he thought they looked good. :) A cardiologist will read them tomorrow. The EEG is tomorrow morning. The results from that will not be done for 2-3 three days - hopefully it will be 2 days. I am not a very patient person with things like this!

Poor Jax has spent so much time at the doctor office in the last month. One of his appointments that Justin took him to was about an hour and a half long. I was totally grossed out when I saw this picture of Jaxon on the floor in the room, but Justin reminded me that keeping him entertained in a small room for over an hour was not easy. We sure love our little explorer!

I will update again when I have news/results from the EEG and final results from the EKG. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last Saturday night, Justin and I had a Birthday party to go to. We were so looking forward to this party - many of our good friends would be there, and we love spending time with all of them! The Birthday party was a Cowboy theme, and they even rented a mechanical bull, which was hilarious! :)

Jordyn had fun ahead of time dressing up in Mom's cowboy boots and Daddy's cowboy hat ...

Seriously ... I could not even believe that Justin went and bought a bolo tie. Not only did he wear it to the party, he wore it out to eat before the party. I nearly died. :)

My good friend, Megan, and I ...

These pictures were taken on a cell phone, so they are quite fuzzy, but funny! Megan and I on the bull ...

Justin and I on the bull ...

... and we're done for ...

Justin having some fun ... 

The night was so much fun. Thanks to Justin's parents for watching our kids for the evening. :)

We had another night away from the kids this weekend too. My parents kept them overnight on Friday night. Two weekends in a row of a little break from the kids has been nice - and was much needed. We are so thankful that our families are always so willing to help out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We could use some prayers for our sweet Jaxon. I took him for a recheck on his ears on Tuesday, and the ears were clear. The part that we are still having issues with is his low body temperatures.You may remember from earlier posts that the low body temps started in October and that was part of the reason he was hospitalized. His temp has never dropped that low again (94 degrees), but they do get in the 95's. When it happens, he is so pale, clammy and cold. We can usually hold him and get him to warm up after a little while.  Jaxon has the doctors stumped. Overall, he is a very healthy child and has developed both physically and mentally ahead of schedule. He's nearly off the charts with size and our pediatrician was impressed with his development survey that I did at his last wellness check.

While I was at the doctor with Jaxon on Tuesday, our pediatrician called a neurologist to get his opinion on what the next step should be. Together, they decided Jaxon should have an EEG done. This will check his brain waves to make sure that he has never seizured when his body temp has dropped. We are so confident that he has not had a seizure with any of these, but I scheduled the EEG and headed home. Our doctor called my cell phone later that night and said he talked to a number of other doctors. They all decided that Jax should have an MRI done to check his brain stem. Body temperature is regulated in the brain stem, so they decided we needed to check for any abnormalities  I had been fine with scheduling the EEG, but I broke down with the thought of the MRI. I'm scared, and I am praying that I'm worked up over nothing.

Then ... today our doctor called again. I do appreciate that he is making direct calls to me, rather than passing messages through nurses. He said he spent his evening researching and talked to another doctor and they felt Jax should have an EKG. They want to make sure that there isn't a heart defect that could be causing his blood flow to slow down - which could cause him to get cold, clammy and pale.

So ... next week Tuesday Jax will have an EEG and on Wednesday he will have an EKG. The earliest they could get us in for the MRI is February 13. Will you please say a prayer that each of these tests come back with good news? We are worried about our sweet boy. We look at him and see a kid who is FULL of energy, very smart, doesn't sit still, and can make us laugh so hard. We don't see him having any problems, and we are praying that everything turns out just fine.

I feel so bad that he will have to go through all of these tests. He is going to hate every single bit of it. I laughed at my father in law's text message last night ... "Will the EEG be difficult for Jax? I assume he will have to sit still." My response ... "Anything that involves sitting still is difficult for Jax." :)  He will be sedated for the MRI, which I hate to think about. The EKG will probably be the easier of the three. None of these will be painful to Jax.
We have started taking his temp several times a day and recording them. We now own a regular thermometer, an ear thermometer, a thermometer you can swipe across his head, and a rectal thermometer. I never thought we would have put so much money into thermometers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jayla ~ 2 Years 9 Months

Jayla is another month closer to being 3 years old!

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 38 pounds and is almost as tall as Jordyn!

... wears mostly 4T clothes and size 8 shoes. (I love that I don't have to post her diaper size anymore!! She is potty trained!)

... loves the ipad right now. She has never a lot of interest in playing on the ipad ... now she loves it. We have a Mickey Mouse app and a Brave app that we just added, and she LOVES to do the puzzles on them. The Brave app has puzzles that are 25 pieces and she can whiz through them in just a couple of minutes! It has been a lot of fun to watch her! The ipad has also helped with calming Jayla down when she gets really upset or when she just needs to sit and rest for a few minutes. We have found that she will sit still for 20 minutes and play the ipad. Don't get me wrong - we aren't all about her using the ipad at all times, but it has been a good thing for her.

... is a "Cha Cha Slide Master" according to her daycare teachers. Her teachers taught her class the Cha Cha Slide, and Jayla and her best friend Sajen know the whole dance. She won't really do it here at home, but I got her to do it at daycare today when I picked her up. Jayla and Sajen are so cute together. She often kisses him before she leaves each day .... ahhhh ... we're in trouble! :)

... loves to use the phrase, "When I get older ..." She uses that when Jordyn does something that Jayla can't do yet. "When I get older I get to go to Jordyn's school. ... When I get older I get to chew gum. ... When I get older I get to go to Children's Church."

... is such an independent child. Her daycare teachers often comment about how they'll try to help her with something like putting her gloves on, and she'll want to do it by herself so she'll take her gloves off that they have just put on and she will do it by herself.

... has become a huge fan of Full House. She loves Joey. She always says that he is so funny.

... likes coloring, playing with her baby dolls, pushing her dolls in the stroller, doing puzzles and playing basketball. Her basketball skills amaze us!

... is a pro at brushing her teeth. She has a specific routine with how she brushes her teeth, then takes a drink of water, and then she has me floss her teeth. If I "accidentally" skip a few teeth when I floss, she is not happy about it. If this continues, I would hope that she never has a cavity! She likes to take care of her teeth!

... got to go on her first daycare field trip today! She was so excited, and she has been calling it a "fruit trick" for the past week. Her class went to the library for story hour and she couldn't wait to tell us about it! They got to hear a story about dinosaurs. She had so much fun!

In less than three months, Jayla will be 3 years old. I cannot believe that. Time is sure flying by!

We love you, Jayla Grace!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


This adorable little guy is trouble! He is into everything at all times. I have never seen a child that cannot sit still and will test every bit of patience that an adult has! :) He cannot keep his hands off of anything, and when he gets mad, he'll throw something. He completely exhausts us, but he makes us laugh so hard at the same time!

Attempting to eat the Apple TV remote ...

He's such a smart little guy! He's now to the point that I can give him something and say, "take this to Daddy" and he will. He knows which sister is Jordyn and which sister is Jayla. It is fun to watch him destroy explore everything around him. He truly does destroy though ... in a matter of three days, he broke a picture frame, a lamp, two Willow Tree Angels (after he pulled over a whole shelving unit - and somehow only two things broke from it), and took a bite out of the ipad mini case. He is a handful!

But he's a cute little destroyer!

He got a hold of the ipad mini and my cell phone, and he took off running!

His ears have been clear for a few days now, but he pulled on them all day today, which means they will probably start draining again. We did his ear drops tonight just in case. We did get the rest of the results back from his blood work and everything came back fine. We are happy to have that news, but just wondering why his body temp drops. We have not caught the body temp dropping though for over a week now, so maybe he can get beyond that. It's scary when it happens.

He has been sleeping quite well for us at night, so I am hoping that continues. :) He gets mad when we put him in his crib, but he's usually fine after a couple of minutes. We usually give him a book or two to look at for a little while. Now ... if we could just get him to sit still for a few minutes during the day. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Emma's Birthday Party!

Jordyn's good friend from preschool had her 4th Birthday party last weekend! I took the girls to the party. It was in a town right outside of SF at the Pizza Ranch. They have a huge play area/game area for the kids.
We got there at 11:00 and for the first 45 minutes, our group of kids were the only ones in the place. It was perfect! The kids had a ball jumping on the blow up toys, playing on the jungle gym and playing games. Jordyn's whole preschool class was there (except one little friend). Emma's mom (also named Jordyn) is good friends with some of our favorite daycare teachers, so Miss Jordan (Jayla's teacher) and Miss Talor were at the party as well. Miss Talor doesn't work at our daycare any longer, and we miss her dearly. It was so fun to see her again! (How funny to have three girl Jordyns/Jordans all in the same place!? Nobody knew who was talking to who! Ha!)
I didn't take too many pictures since I was chasing kids around - and chatting with Talor and Jordan!
Jordyn and the Birthday girl, Emma!

Jayla is always a bit hesitant to go on the blow up toys, so I had Jordyn hold her hand ... one time of that and he was good to go. She had a blast and did not want to stop playing!


It was so fun for me to watch Jordyn interact with all of her preschool friends. That group of kids sure gets along well and they are best friends. Also, Emma's family was so sweet to include Jayla in on everything. I had told them Jayla was coming with us, but that I would spend my time with her while Jordyn was at the party. They let Jayla be included with the whole party. I am so glad that we were able to go! It was such a fun time!
Justin and Jaxon went to Blake and Brody's basketball game, and then we met up with the whole gang at Champps. It was fun to spend a little time with Justin's parents, grandparents, Steve, Tracy, Sherri and Roger!
Our kids were sure wiped out after their morning/afternoon! They took some great naps ... and so did Mom! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fancy Clothes

Jordyn has informed us that she will only wear "fancy clothes" now. She doesn't ever want to wear tennis shoes - only boots with leggings or tights. Since Jordyn does that, Jayla wants to follow right along with her! :)
I took a few quick pictures of the girls the other morning in their "fancy" clothes. Darin, Kathry and Miles gave them to the girls for Christmas. They are super cute!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Argh Mateys!

Last week at preschool, Jordyn's class studied the letter P. They got to pretend they were pirates! She likes to march around the house yelling, "Argh Mateys!"

Jayla didn't want to miss out on the fun! :)