Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jaxon ~ 2 Years 3 Months

Jaxon is another month older!

Jaxon ...

... weighs about 36 pounds and is 36 inches tall. 

... wears size 5 diapers, 2T - 4T clothes, and size 9 shoe.

... had a blast opening presents at Christmas time. He loved it! (We still have a few gifts for my nephew at our house and he has opened those too - time to re-wrap!)

... will tell you his favorite thing about playing in the snow is eating it. Then I make to sure to ask him if he eats yellow snow ... he giggles and tells me, "NO!" :)

... can sing his ABC's, but you really have to bribe him to do it.

... can count to 10, but again, you have to bribe him. (M & M's work best. Ha!)

... is speaking so clearly in sentences! It took him longer than the girls to form sentences, but even in the last week his sentences are coming out so nice!

... is still not sleeping well. We are really struggling to get him to go to sleep right now too. Being sick threw him off. Bedtime is a big battle right now.

... loves milk, yogurt, pizza, and chicken nuggets! He requests pizza or chicken nuggets for supper every night.

... loves to watch Oso, Elfie (The Elf on the Shelf movie) and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Keep in mind he only sits through about 3 minutes of Oso and Jake. :) The Elf on the Shelf movie is the only thing that he will sit and watch the whole thing of. We have watched it 50 times in the last month. He loves it! He has parts of it memorized and talks right along with the characters.

... loves to play with his trucks and train table, but right now his favorite thing is cooking food. He will play with our kitchen toys for an hour at a time. He loves to "cook" and make us eat his food. :)

... can make any situation better just by smiling. Even when he's in trouble, he'll smile or giggle and then Justin and I lose it too ... and we laugh right along with him. :)

We love you, Jax!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 5 & 6 ... and Sickness

 I mentioned in my previous Christmas posts that Jaxon had been running a fever off and on since the Monday before Christmas. Unfortunately, that fever continued after Christmas. On Thursday we had plans to celebrate Christmas with Justin's extended family on his mom's side. Jax was up most of Wednesday night crying because his mouth was owie. On Thursday morning we took him to the doctor. They did a strep test because his throat was very red, but that came back negative. However, we decided we needed to keep him home. So, Jax and I stayed home and Justin and the girls went to Christmas with Justin's family. I was so bummed to miss the family get together. That was the first time I had ever missed it. Jax and I just hung out for the day. He had lots of energy, but he did take a nice nap.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures from the family get-together. I know the girls had fun though!

Jaxon's fever broke on Thursday night and he was fine all day Friday - until bedtime on Friday night and the fever came back. The fever continued on Saturday, and after we all took naps on Saturday afternoon, Jayla woke up with a 102 temp and Justin woke up with a 101 temp. Ugh! That marked 11 straight days of sickness in our house.

The sickness continued into Sunday, and we had one last Christmas get together with my dad's extended family. Justin was miserable, but he felt he could handle keeping Jaxon home (who still had a fever), because we would mostly be gone during nap time. The girls and I went to my aunt and uncle's house. Jax was a bit sad at first, but then he was okay with us leaving and made sure to give the girls hugs. :)

These pictures are all from my phone so they aren't great. The girls had fun opening another round of presents!

Jaxon couldn't wait to rip his gifts open when we brought them home! :) Our kids were pretty spoiled!

My aunt and uncle gave us an exciting gift ... Les Miserables is going to be in SF in May, and they bought us tickets to it. I am so excited! Such a fun surprise!!

As for the sickness ... today (Monday) marks Day 13 in a row of sickness. I took Jax back to the doctor. When we left the house he had a fever, but of course by the time we got there, the fever was gone and he looked great! Justin was still miserable and also went to the doctor. Both our pediatrician and Justin's doctor felt they had Influenza  A ... and there's nothing to do for that. The girls are doing well today, Jax has been better, and Justin is finally heading in the right direction. As for me ... I am going CRAZY! When Justin was feeling a tad better today, I locked myself in the basement with the treadmill, weights and Les Miserables on my iphone and enjoyed a nice work out.

Our family has never been hit with a flu or illness like this. Like I have said before, other than Jaxon's strange health issues this year, our family has been very healthy! I guess we were due to be hit with some sort of illness. Hopefully that will be it though! I'm not sure I can handle 14 days in a row ... 13 has gotten the best of me today. I may have been a bit (or a lot) on edge with everyone today.

This extremely cold weather for the last two days hasn't really helped either. :) 2013 isn't ending quite the way I had imagined it, but we are on the mend.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas With My Family

My whole family was home for Christmas! We are quite a big crew when we are together ...

My parents
BJ, Devin, Logan (1) and Ryleigh (1)
Justin, myself, Jordyn (5), Jayla (3) and Jaxon (2)
Kayla and Josh
Kandi, Eric and Calvin (1)

... but it's fun!

Josh and Justin were pretty excited about opening gifts!

Jaxon loves his Elfie jammies!

These princess jammies from Grandpa and Grandma have been a huge hit! They wore them all day at my parent's house ... wore them to bed last night ... it's the only thing Jordyn wants to wear right now! 

After lunch and naps, we played in the snow! My brother brought his four-wheeler over and the big sled that he pulls behind it.

Jax didn't stay out too long. He loves the snow, but his temp was up a bit, he fell and got his face covered in snow and he didn't want to wear his gloves ... so it was all a bad combination and he decided reading books with Grandma Ronda inside was better than being outside!

This is the only picture I took of him outside ...

Jordyn with Tigger and Pooh!

Jordyn was a big help and loved pulling her cousins on the sled! Calvin loved going for rides!

BJ and Logan ...

Josh, Kiki and Ryleigh ...

Eric, Kandi, Calvin and Jordyn ...

Jayla wasn't wanting to play when we first got outside. Her nap was a short one so she was a bit fussy. Eventually, she warmed up and had fun!

Daddy and Jayla ...

The "normal" Jordyn and Eric pictures ... 
(By the way ... doesn't Eric look great in a Raiders coat instead of a Vikings coat??!!)

Grandpa Buzz making a snow angel ...

Jayla loved the sled and going down the driveway once we talked her into it. :)

Another great day ... we were exhausted by the end of it! We got home at about 7:00 and started the unpacking and reorganizing of the house. :) We are thankful for two very fun days with our families!