Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, November 30, 2012

What have we been up to?

It has been a while since I have done a random update ... so, enjoy an update and some random pictures of the kids!

*Our kids keep us on our toes ... constantly. Jax cannot sit still for even half of a second. He's handful, but he can sure make us laugh!

*Speaking of him making us laugh ... Justin was gone for the evening, and bedtime was not going well. I ended up putting Jax in the pack and play and the girls on the couch. Jax was almost asleep, when Gangnam Style came on Dancing With the Stars. He popped right up and started dancing in the pack and play. I laughed so hard! As soon as the song was over, he fell back asleep.

*Jayla has been doing really well with potty training! She wakes up once during the night to go, and she wakes up with a dry pull-up in the morning. We are still struggling a bit with #2. I don't know what to do about that one! :)

*Jordyn had a recheck on her tummy this week. I can't remember if I ever wrote about that, but she had been complaining for several weeks about tummy aches. She complained a lot at daycare and also at home. I took her for her four year wellness check at the beginning of November, and the doctor decided to do an xray of her stomach. She was very constipated (again, probably TMI), but after several weeks of Miralax, she's back on track and doing well! At her recheck on Wednesday, she got her kindergarten shots! Justin took her, and when the appointment was over she called to tell me about it and how brave she was! She said she didn't cry at all so Daddy said she could have a popsicle! :)

*Jaxon has really struggled with teeth lately. The week of Thanksgiving was very rough. He had fevers for three days, but they would only last for 2-3 hours each day. He didn't sleep, he wouldn't eat,and he spent a lot of time crying. Thanksgiving night was probably the worst. We had left Justin's grandparent's house in the afternoon to head to my aunt and uncle's house. We ended up staying for only a little over an hour because Jax was so miserable and couldn't stop crying. He is finally doing better this week, and he is back to sleeping well. :)

*We enjoyed seeing our family at Thanksgiving! We spent Wednesday night and part of Thursday with Justin's family. Then the plan was to spend the afternoon and evening with my family on Thursday, but since Jax was so miserable, we had to leave early. My parents kept the girls though and took them to see Christmas lights, and then brought them home later that evening. We took the kids out shopping on Friday morning ... yes, we braved Black Friday with our three little ones. The mall really wasn't that busy when we went at 9:00. By 11:00 when we left it was much busier. The kids all took naps, and then we went shopping again and out to supper. My parents came later that evening and took the girls home with them for the night. The girls were so excited about it. My mom said they talked the entire hour car ride to their house. I wasn't surprised! On Saturday, Justin and I took Jax shopping for a little while. We forgot how easy it was to shop with just one child. We could do everything so quickly. Ha! Then the three of us headed to my parent's house for the afternoon and evening. The girls helped decorate my parent's Christmas tree - the girls also went to the tree farm earlier in the day to help my parents pick out a tree and cut it down. They had a blast!

*Jayla has had a tough couple of weeks of sleeping. I wish I knew how to get our three kiddos on a great sleeping schedule. Just when we figure out one or two of them, the next one has a horrible week or so of sleeping. Jayla wakes up screaming so hard in the middle of the night, and she can not be controlled. She usually wants Mommy, but then it's still a challenge. Many times Justin takes her downstairs until she's calm. Poor girl! We wish we knew what to do for her.

*I have finally been able to get back into a little bit of a normal workout routine. September and October were horrible as far as my normal routine goes. And while it has been a looooong, sloooooow road for me, I am only 10 pounds away from my goal weight. Three pregnancies in four years was not nice on my body ... especially when each pregnancy caused me to gain 60-65 pounds. These last 10 pounds cannot leave fast enough! I have enjoyed being able to get back into a good running routine and lifting weights.

*One of the other issues that I had from the pregnancies was some minor issues with the veins in my legs - mostly my right leg. It caused some spider veins and some pain, and over a month ago I had sclerotherapy. I was nervous as could be - I hate needles! It really wasn't too bad though. Unfortunately, I have been dealing with more pain in the last few weeks than I had before the procedure and even right after the procedure. I called and checked in with the nurse, and she it was normal. I am scheduled for the second round in a little less than two weeks. Some people do three rounds, but I am hopeful that two will be it for me.

*I love those bright, blue eyes!

*And Jordyn's brown eyes too! Jordyn has two Christmas programs in December - one for church and one for preschool. Her church program is on Sunday already! She loves to sing, but not always when she's on a big stage. Getting her on stage is success to us. :) She said she was going to hold her friend Zachary's hand.

*I have high hopes of getting my Christmas shopping done early ... but more than likely we will probably be scrambling on December 23rd. Ha!

*Our kids love going for car rides to look at Christmas lights. Hmmm ... maybe we should make that a nightly routine! Less chasing for us ... less mess to clean up in the house ... it really doesn't sound too bad!

*Jaxon has started a new routine when I pick him up at daycare. As soon as he sees me, he lifts up his shirt to show me his belly, and then he runs to a corner to hide. He cracks me up every time! He gets so excited to see his sisters too when we pick him up. The smile on his face is priceless!

*How can you not smile at this silly kid!?!?

*Justin and I were spoiled with two weekends away in November. I posted about the first one with Justin's surprise party in the cities. The weekend after that, my parents took the kids for the whole weekend. Justin and I were able to go to a UNI Panthers football game. They played USD, which is about an hour from here. It was fun to cheer the Panthers on to a win. We were also able to go out to eat and just spend some time together that weekend. We are so thankful that our families live close and are so willing to help out!

*Dancing With the Stars has ended for the season. The girls are a bit bummed ... but thank goodness for DVR, because we have their favorite dances recorded.

*As a mom and a teacher, this is one of my favorite things to see my kids doing ...

*We are looking forward to warm temps this weekend, and we are hoping the kids can jump on the trampoline a few more times before we take it down for the winter.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gobble Gobble!

I am so far behind on blogging! I was having some issues with space/storage size for pictures, and I finally gave in an purchased more - otherwise I wouldn't be able to have anymore pictures on the blog! It really doesn't cost much, I was just trying to find a way around it. :)
We had a nice Thanksgiving day/weekend. As always, it was a busy holiday, and I'll fill you in later, but I thought I would share some pictures of our little Turkeys in their Gobble Gobble jammies.
(Finally - Jayla gave a real smile, but poor Jax was so miserable with teething. His cheeks were all chapped, red, and his nose couldn't stop running. He looks miserable!)

We sure love our three turkeys!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Tree is Up!

Our girls could not wait to decorate our Christmas tree! Jordyn had been counting down how many "sleeps" she had left until we were going to decorate it. On Friday she woke up, and the first thing she said is, "Only one more sleep until we can decorate our tree!" She woke up at 5 AM on Saturday and could not wait to tell us that it was time to decorate the tree!

Poor Jax ... he is into everything right now, so he played in the pack and play while we decorated. Of course the second we let him out, he ran right over and took the ornaments off the tree.

The girls love to help with the star ...

The finished product ...
Now if we could only get Jaxon to leave it alone. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jayla ~ 2 Years 7 Months

Jayla is another month older! We haven't had the camera out as much lately, so I just have a couple of pictures ... which, includes her fake/annoyed with me for having to take a picture smile ... :)

Then she sat down on the steps and told me that I should take a picture of her with Jordyn. :) I love how sweet these two are to each other. They are best friends! (of course enemies at times too, but they truly do play well together)

(Jayla is holding Foo Foo, her bunny. She named him Foo Foo from the song Little Bunny Foo Foo. We thought she did a great job coming up with that by herself!)

What is new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... is so close to being potty trained! YEAH!!!!! (And picture me jumping up and down about it!) She still wears a pull-up at night. She does wake up wet most mornings wet, but sometimes she gets up in the middle of the night to go too. She's also struggling a bit with the #2 side of things. TMI, I know ... :) Other than that, she is doing well!

... weighs about 35 pounds, wears mostly 4t clothes, size 8 shoes, and NO diapers!

... talks nonstop. She speaks very clearly, and one thing that I love is that often when we ask her questions, she answers in complete sentences! As a teacher, I love that! One thing I teach my students is that if they respond to a question in a complete sentence, it helps with their writing! (Yes, research shows this.) 

... has been a good and bad sleeper lately. About every other night, she is throwing massive fits in the middle of the night. They last for a while, and she really doesn't even seem to be awake while they are happening. We usually have to take her all the way downstairs in hopes of keeping the other two kids asleep.

... enjoys doing puzzles. She has a farm puzzle that is her favorite. She also loves to read books. She enjoys having us read books to her, but she really likes to be the teacher and reads the books to us.

... is still waiting for four teeth to come in. Those molars are taking their sweet time!

... loves to sing! She often sings Jingle Bells, What's the Weather?, and Bible School songs.

... says the sweetest prayer each night at bedtime. She won't let me help her pray anymore - she has to do it by herself.

... loves to dance! Her hip movements crack us up! Her favorite songs to dance to are Party Rock and the Sunday Night Football song.

... sleeps in a bed full of stuffed animals/books. Both girls are into this right now, and there are so many things in their bed that I feel like there is no room for them. Each night before they go to sleep, I make them take out 3 or more items. The one thing Jayla will not take out without a fit is a stack of books. She has five books piled up in the corner of her bed, and she will throw quite a fit if I touch them! We've learned to pick our battles with her. :)

... loves her daycare teachers! I love hearing her talk about her teachers and her best friends at school. The teachers always comment how Jayla is such a good listener and a great helper! Some of her favorite things at school are playing outside, getting her finger nails painted at least once a week, playing with Lauren and Sajen, and doing puzzles. We are blessed with great daycare workers - who, along with us and my parents/Justin's parents, have helped with potty training. They have done an incredible job with her!

... makes us laugh often with her actions and the things she says! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

My sister, Kandi, took our family pictures a few weeks ago. She is an amazing photographer!

You would never have guessed that it was about 30 degrees outside, incredibly windy, and Jaxon was sick/teething and quite crabby! 

You would have laughed if you had seen Eric and Kayla acting like weirdos in our back yard trying to get our kids to smile! The things they do for us. We love them all! :)

Kandi managed to snap about 100 pictures in 10 minutes. We had planned to go downtown to do the pictures, but due to how cold it was and Jaxon not feeling well, we decided that our back yard would do!

We didn't get Jayla's best smile - but hands down, it beat last year's family pictures in which she screamed through most of the pictures! :)

Now to begin ordering/framing and working on Christmas cards. :)

Thanks, Kandi Poppler Photography! You did an awesome job!