Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Party #2

On Sunday we celebrated Justin and Jordyn's Birthdays with Justin's family. His family and his grandparents all came. We had fun spending time with all of them!

Jordyn was pretty excited about her new Doc McStuffins doctor kit that Grandpa Marlin and Grandma Shelli gave her!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jaxon was so miserable the whole weekend with teeth. He was so fussy. We finally got him to take a nap with Grandpa Marlin.

Grandma Shelli and the two girls ...

Cake #2!

The girls got new doctor scrubs as part of Jordyn's gift. How cute are my two little doctors?! :)

We are all partied out at the Overman house!

Birthday Party #1

On Saturday we celebrated Jordyn and Justin's Birthdays with my family! My parents, my grandma, Kayla, Kandi, Eric, Calvin, my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike, and my cousins Shelly and Kylea all came. We had a full house and a fun time.

These two pictures were earlier in the day - Jordyn loved holding Baby Calvin. He's so sweet!

Jaxon was quite sick (and had been since Wednesday) due to teeth. He has been working on 4 molars and 4 eye teeth. He did show a little spunk on Saturday, but not much. He moved a chair over to see what Grandma Ronda was doing ...
... and then he moved it again to check out the island.
Jayla was silly for everyone. :)

Jordyn had fun opening presents, and she did a great job of letting Jayla help her and play with her new gifts. (Notice Jaxon's bottle in the background ... due to him teething, we had to go back to more bottles. I can't wait to be done washing them!)

The girls were pretty excited about the new Barbie car from Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Ronda! It goes very nicely with the Barbie house!

I have always made my kids' Birthday cakes. The last two weeks have been incredibly busy and stressful at work and at home too. On Saturday I was going to make a cookie cake, and as I moved it, it broke ... I had a slight meltdown ... and Justin told me to call Great American Cookie Company.
How cute is this cookie cake?!?!

I know we didn't put Justin's name on it, but I did put the 30 and 4 candles on it. :)

Two final pictures from the night - Baby Calvin was getting ready to leave ... we miss him already!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 and 4

Happy 30th Birthday to Justin and 4th Birthday to Jordyn! Wow - the last four years have sure gone fast! 

Jordyn has been begging for a Barbie house for quite some time. I decided to have my parents get mine out of their attic. And after being in a box for about 20 years, it still all fit together and looks great! Jordyn was pretty excited to see this when she woke up this morning!

We had a few other presents for her to open after school today - she has been great about letting Jayla help her!

A new watch! :) 

Jordyn had a great day at school. She brought cupcakes for a treat, and she told everyone about every 30 seconds that it was her Birthday.  

She also woke up this morning at about 4:00, ran into our room and said, "It's our Birthday, Daddy." We reminded her that it was too early to be up, and she so sweetly said, "I just wanted to give my daddy a Birthday kiss." Melt. my. heart.

Justin and I have a weekend getaway planned to celebrate his Birthday. We are looking forward to a weekend away!

Happy Birthday, Justin and Jordyn!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

We Are Family!

We celebrated Jordyn and Justin's Birthdays with my family on Saturday. (pictures to come soon)

My sisters were both able to come, along with Eric and Baby Calvin. We were all so excited to see them! I don't think that Jordyn and Jayla left their sides for a minute!

Check out Jayla's smiles in the pictures!!!! We have been practicing how to smile and look at the camera at the same time. Ha! She loves to put her chin up, but at least she smiling and looking - huge progress from where we were. :) She does not like the camera!

(Kayla and Kandi crack me up - they did not plan their outfits, and they still managed to wear blue stripes. It's amazing how much twins think alike!)

I love my sisters!!! (and my sister-in-laws too - they weren't able to make it this weekend)

All in stripes!

Smiling AND looking at the camera!!! Success!

Jordyn and Grandma Ronda ...