Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jaxon's Birthday Party #1

We have had a full weekend of celebrating Jaxon's 1st Birthday! On Saturday we celebrated with Justin's family and on Sunday we celebrated with my family!

Of course we have lots of pictures to share!

We had a great time with Justin's parents and his grandparents! Jaxon was of course spoiled with clothes, a music/drum set, suitcase, money and monogrammed towel! He again had no interest in opening gifts though! It's so funny - he completely avoids the gifts altogether! He plays with them once they are open though!

His sisters have had fun with the drum too! 

The dreaded attempt of the family picture. Ha! Actually they didn't turn out too bad. :)

Jaxon tried to grab his candle on the cupcake ...

He had fun smashing his cupcake, but he really didn't each much of it. 

Jaxon with Great Grandma Helen, Great Grandpa Gerry and Great Grandma Marcia ...

Jaxon with Grandma Shelli and Grandpa Marlin ...

And a couple with Dad and Mom. :)

Our evening was fun. Unfortunately it ended with Jaxon throwing up all of his food all over his crib. HUGE and NASTY mess! He threw one more time about 30 minutes after that, and then he was fine. Poor boy! He was much better today though. I think there was just too much excitement for him. :)

Birthday Party #2 coming soon. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jaxon's Birthday

I still can't believe that Jaxon is 1!  

We gave Jaxon a new tool kit for his Birthday. 

Side note: We decided to take the kids to ToysRUs to help pick out Jaxon's gift. I think I prayed the whole way there for patience. Wow ... you would have thought we took our kids to Disney World! The excitement from the girls the whole time we were there was hilarious! We kept hearing, "Look at this!" - "This is cool!" - "When it's my Birthday I want this." The girls did awesome! We had explained we were there to get a gift for Jaxon. Not once did they ask if they could get a toy. They were so sweet! It also helped that we basically had the store to ourselves so it was okay that our kids were a bit loud. We spent almost an hour there, and it was so much fun! I never would have guessed ToysRUs would have been a fun trip. We've gone other times and it was stressful. :) I was super proud of the three kids! My favorite part of the whole night (and you had to be there to think it was funny, but I still need to write it) was when I asked Justin to look at a toy, and Jayla runs over and yells, "Oh my gosh!" like it was the coolest thing she has ever seen. :)

Jordyn showed Jaxon how to play with his new toy ...

Eating supper ...

We celebrated his Birthday that day (after daycare) by taking the three kids to Excite, which has a fun toddler area and lots of blow up toys/obstacle courses/jumping houses. There were only a few other people there, so it was nice to have the place basically to ourselves!

The kids had a fun time and were exhausted when we left!

We tried to have Jaxon open his gifts when we got home, but he had no interest at all. He just wanted to play with a cell phone ...

Although this next picture looks like he's opening a present, it's only because I put his cell phone in the bag thinking he might look at his gift. 

But he just grabbed the cell phone back out of the bag. :)

So excited to be 1!! :) How cute is he?!?!??! :)

We had a Birthday party with Justin's family today and the party with my family is tomorrow. More pictures to come soon! :)

My baby is one ... and I still can't believe it!