Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing with friends!

I had this ready to post, but forgot to hit "publish" so this is actually from a week ago this past Saturday. :)

Our friends, Matt and Daphne, and their two girls came over on Saturday.  Our girls hadn't actually seen their girls since last summer, and Matt and Daphne hadn't met Jaxon. Matt and Justin work together, so we see Matt and Daphne through work functions, but our kids hadn't been together for way too long.  Jordyn was so excited the entire day. In fact, she woke up Saturday morning asking how many hours before they were coming. (She woke up at 6:30 ... they weren't coming until 5:00 ... it was a long day of "How much longer before they get here?") :)

Emelia is about 6 months older than Jordyn and Vera turned 1 in May. The girls had a ball playing together! 

Jax didn't know what to think of all the girls, but he was as happy as ever!

It has been so hot here, so swimming at 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening has been refreshing!

We had a fun evening with Matt, Daphne and their girls!

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