Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture Overload! :)

It seems as though all I can get done is about one post per week right now. :) 

I know I have said it before a ton of times, but I cannot believe how fast our kids are growing. 

Our 9-month old isn't little and he sure doesn't look like a baby anymore! He is growing sooooo fast and is just so stinkin' cute! He can also take about 4 steps - he's so close to walking!

I just love this adorable guy!

He is all boy - he loves trucks, sports balls, bats, and golf clubs!

Our girls went to the dentist back in June. Since neither of them had cavities, they had their picture taken for the "No Cavity Wall." Then each month they draw a winner to win a huge stuffed animal. Last year I prayed that we wouldn't win it, and when we got home this year I told Justin to pray we didn't win this year either. Well, wouldn't you know it ... our girls were the lucky winners of the bear ... a bear that has been named Jordyn the Bear. Any guesses as to who named it?! 

The three kids have had a blast crawling on the bear and snuggling with it, so maybe it wasn't so bad to win it after all! 

We had another busy week! Even though I didn't think it would be too busy, it still was. Monday was suppose to be a soccer night for Jordyn, but and emergency came up and the coach had to cancel. Jordyn was a bit bummed! She likes soccer!

I took the three kids to Justin's softball games on Tuesday night. I prayed the whole way there that Jax would be content to sit in his stroller for both games and the girls would be great listeners. Never in a million years did I think that would happen ... but it did! We couldn't believe that Jax sat still for two hours. He doesn't sit still for 2 minutes at home!

The best part was that Justin had a great night ... 5 home runs between the two games! Fun to watch!

On Wednesday morning I took the three kids to see Snow White. Our Park and Rec does free outdoor plays throughout the summer. We went to Jack and the Beanstalk in June. Justin's Grandma Marcia met me at the park for the play. It's always nice to have an extra set of hands! After the play we headed to the mall to meet Taera, Hadley, Allyssa and Julia for lunch. Taera and Hadley were heading to Texas on Wednesday night, so we got to see them one last time before they left. We laughed at how we got to see each other four times in the last two weeks - that was more times than we had seen each other in the last 2 years!

On Thursday I had a day at the spa! It was great!! Justin and the kids gave me a gift card for the spa at the new casino/hotel. I had an hour-long hot stone massage, which is my favorite type of massage to get. After the massage, I used the whirlpool, and then sat outside at the pool for three hours. It was wonderful! Justin took the morning off of work and was with me for part of it. It was such a relaxing day!

Last night we did just a little shopping with the kids - and survived without any meltdowns. :)

This morning Justin and I both worked out, chased our kids around the house, and then had some friends over for the evening.

So, what I thought would be a low-key week still managed to be busy, but we had fun!

Ending with a few more pictures ...

The many faces of Jayla ...

And one more of this cutie!!!

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