Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the go!

We feel like we are constantly on the go in the summer! The last ten days have been super busy for us!

The Friday before the 4th was spent celebrating a friend's 30th Birthday! Our kids had their first non-grandparent or aunt/uncle baby-sitters! We had two of our daycare workers come to take care of the kids. Jordyn and Jayla were so excited to have Miss Jordan and Miss Amanda at our house. The girls couldn't wait for us to leave! We had a fun time celebrating Megan's birthday and our kids had a blast with baby-sitters!

On Saturday morning we headed to Justin's grandparent's house to celebrate his grandpa's 75th Birthday! We ate lunch with everyone and had cake/ice cream in the afternoon.

Our girls found their new favorite toy at Great Grandpa Gerry and Great Grandma Marcia's house ...

Jaxon had fun with Great Uncle Steve! 

After the Birthday party, we headed to my parent's house. We dropped off our kids and Justin and I headed to the lake - kid-free. My parents were pretty excited to have the kids overnight! This was the first time we had left Jaxon overnight!

Justin and I enjoyed our night away from the kids. We went to dueling pianos, played mini golf and went to Barefoot Bar. On Sunday morning Justin golfed with his dad and brother, and I went on a run. We also boated ... Justin skied ...

... and we went swimming! We went out for supper and then headed back to my parent's house to get the kids and head back to SF! Our weekend was busy, but fun!

The kids went to daycare both Monday and Tuesday. Justin took the whole week off, so we spent Monday and Tuesday running errands, cleaning the garage, and just getting a few odd jobs done. We had hoped to golf, but it was soooo hot, that we decided we would just be miserable if we did golf.

On Tuesday afternoon, we picked up the kids from daycare and headed back to my parent's house. My parents and the girls went swimming later that night around 8:00. The temperature was still so hot, that they all wanted to cool off. (We love my brother and Devin's pool!)

We decided to keep Jaxon out of the pool since it was getting late, but he had fun with Daddy! 

(The girls decided to play in the little pool on the deck too.)

Justin and I got up bright and early on Wednesday morning to run the 5K! 

My parents and my sister drove the kids around to different spots on the trail so they could see us run. The girls also sprayed us (mostly Justin) with their squirt bottles. :)

Taera, one of my closest friends from elementary/middle/high school, was home and ran it with us. I'm pretty sure her and Justin could have gone much faster without me. :) 

Taera and her husband and daughter have been in Hawaii for the last three years. Now they are moving to Texas. I am so excited about her being closer to us! (Who would have thought that Texas seemed so close to us?! Ha!)


The girls couldn't wait to spray Justin after the race ...

After the 5K, we went back to my parents and since it was so hot, we decided to go swimming again! After swimming we headed to town to go to the parade.  I am so thankful that the spot we sit in each year is shaded. The 100 degree temps weren't so fun to sit in!

The girls enjoyed the parade ...

... and Jaxon managed to sleep through it! 

We ate supper with my family, played a few games, and then packed up and headed to the lake!The kids all fell asleep on the way there and they all stayed asleep when we transferred them from the van to the condo. (I almost sang a Hallelujah chorus!)

We woke up to rain on Thursday morning, so we decided to take the kids to the nature center.

We almost had Jayla talked into touching a cockroach. YUCK!

Checking out a snake ... YUCK again!

Jaxon was somewhat content in his stroller ...

Jaxon is teething sooooo bad right now. He has three that cut in the last few days, and we can tell there are more on the way. He is not a happy camper right now ... mostly wants his mommy ... can't sit still ... fussy. The joys of teething!

On Friday the girls went and got pedicures ... (Jordyn and Jayla just got their toes painted)

Jordyn's toes ...

Jayla's toes ...

It was so hot on Thursday and Friday! We took a couple of boat rides, but we also tried to stay indoors. We swam after supper both nights.

Jordyn discovered she could touch the bottom of the pool if she stood on tip-toes. Talk about one excited little girl!

Justin got to do a little fishing while we were at the lake. My brother and Justin went fishing on Friday morning ...

On Saturday we did a little swimming and after supper we packed up again and headed back to my parent's house. We got there around bedtime, but the kids were soooooo wound up. They just wanted to play! We didn't get Jayla to sleep until almost 11:00.

This morning the twins were baptized. Jaxon made it through about 10 minutes of church. Justin and Jax hung out in the back for the whole service. The girls did pretty well, considering the service lasted quite a bit longer than normal - and our girls are use to being in nursery/children's church. 

I forgot to take my camera into church for the baptism though!

After church, we all had lunch, took naps, and swam at BJ and Devin's again. Seven straight days of swimming! Our kids are little fish!

Out of the last 8 nights, we have slept in our beds two nights. We had a nice time at the lake and at my parent's house, but our beds are calling our names. Our kids need a normal schedule again. Thankfully, they are great travelers. By Thursday/Friday, they were all a bit cranky ... traveling, the super hot temperatures, and just being tired was getting to them. And poor Jax ... teething is the pits! He's also at a really hard stage right now. He's not quite ready to walk, but he pulls himself up on everything, is a super fast crawler, and is into everything. He does not sit still for a second. He is at a stage that is completely exhausting us. He hates to be in the high chair or the pack and play for 30 seconds. He doesn't want to be held or put in anything that would make him unable to move (the exersaucer, his crib, pack and play). It's hard to keep up with him right now.

I have one load of laundry to do yet, and one suitcase that isn't completely unpacked. I am pretty sure it will have to wait until tomorrow!

We don't have near as much planned this week ... Jordyn has soccer and Justin has softball. That is about all that is on our schedule. I think we need a "down week."

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Chris & Taera Mulder said...

Loved running with you guys and the pace was perfect!