Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jayla ~ 2 Years 3 Months

Another month has flown by! Jayla is growing up so fast!

What's new with Jayla?

Jayla ...

... weighs about 34 pounds. She will stand on the scale though and tell us she is 32 pounds.

... wears 2T-4T clothing. Jayla and Jordyn are able to share some outfits. (And yes, it already causes fights - it's just a preview of what's to come when they are older.) :)

... wears size 5 diapers. We really need to hit the potty training hard. I'm ready to just have one in diapers again.

... loves to pretend to be a teacher. She does this at home and also at daycare. She will grab a stack of books, "read" them and hold them up to show us the pictures. She LOVES books. This is such a change from a year ago. She had no interest in books for the longest time, and as a teacher, it concerned me. Now she wants books with her at all times. She often carries several around the house with her.

... loves her teachers at daycare. One of her teachers is Miss Maggie. Instead of calling her Miss Maggie, she calls her "My Maggie."

... cracks us up with the things she says. She loves to say, "Oh my gosh!" when she sees something funny or odd. She also loves to jump and yell "Hooray" whenever there is something exciting about to happen. And when we leave the house she yells, "Let's rock and roll!"

... gives the sweetest hugs and kisses! If one of us leaves the house, she will yell, "I need a kiss. And a hug too!"

... is still enjoying all of our summer activities ... swimming, playing outside, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, going on walks, eating popsicles, and playing with water. She can easily be entertained for an hour if she has a water and buckets/cups.

... has started calling Jaxon - Jaxy, and Jordyn - Jordy. She loves her siblings so much! She can sure pick a fight with both of them, but she definitely loves them and cares so much about them!

... loves being independent. She will not allow us to help her strap her into her car seat. We aren't allowed to touch any part of it unless a strap gets twisted. It's really helpful that she can strap herself in, yet it can really take a lot of extra time. :) She also does not want us to help put her shoes on or her pants/shorts. She wants to do things on her own.

... loves to watch The Berenstain Bears. She doesn't usually sit still for a whole 15-minute episode, but it is one of her favorite shows.

... has been a good sleeper - the best of our three kids right now. Knowing how bad nights were  for her for the longest time, I never thought she would be our best sleeper! She sleeps about 10 hours at night and has been taking 2 to 3 hour naps each day.

... still has her "terrible two" moments, but she is sure starting to show some maturing! :)

We love you, Jayla Grace!

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Lee Anne said...

Wow...she is sleeping great! Must be all that sumemr fun wearing her out!

And I love that she has her own names for her siblings. Super cute. Those are the nicknames that stick a lifetime. Just ask me....

Can't wait to hear what she will be up to next!