Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, July 15, 2012


**Two posts in 24 hours! Wow!**

You might remember that my parents gave the girls a Barbie car for Christmas. Well ... it has sat in our garage since then. The girls were scared of it and wanted nothing to do with it. (And they BEGGED for this car!)

We bribed them with everything just to sit in the car, and nothing worked! Last week we were finally able to bribe Jordyn with ice cream and she drove across our front lawn while holding my hand and Justin walked along steering it. I'm guessing it looked pretty ridiculous, but we made a big deal out of it. 

(By the way - I don't like that we bribed her, but sometimes it's a last resort. Ha!)

Then this week we mentioned the car again, and the girls decided they would give it a try again ... without a bribe! Yay! The girls had a blast with the car!

They need to learn how to steer, but they have the radio all figured out! That's the most important thing, right?! The passenger loves to play with the radio!

Jayla took a turn driving too! 

Look, she can even drive without putting her hands on the steering wheel! Good thing our neighbors don't mind us using their lawns and driveways!

After parking the car in the garage, Jordyn looked at us and said, "Okay, I'm ready for my ice cream." :) So much for thinking she didn't need a bribe to drive the car!

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