Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Little Football Player!

Thanks to Pinterest, I had a great idea for pictures of Jaxon! 

If you know me, you know that I love football. I grew up watching it all. the. time. When I was in elementary (maybe 3rd grade?) I even managed to answer some football trivia questions and got my entire class out of running laps in PE. :) Such a proud moment. Ha!

Justin played college football, as did my brother. Growing up, I was around it a lot!

I hate when summer ends, but I can't wait for football to start!

So, with my love of football and obviously Justin's love of football, when I saw the idea on Pinterest, I knew we had to take these ...

I bought the brown onesie, and I had Justin do the painting. We love the pictures! We wish that in some of the pictures the toys weren't in the background of them or that the seesaw and Jordyn weren't in the background, however, with a kid that moves as much as Jaxon does we were willing to snap the photos anywhere that he would sit or stand still!

We sure love our little football player! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jaxon ~ 10 Months

Jaxon is 10 months old!

He is such a handsome and happy little big boy!

I had a little help from his big sisters on getting him to smile. :)

Jaxon recently discovered that playing in Gizmo's travel kennel is fun! Gee, had I known this, I would have set it up more often! Ha! :)

Jaxon ...

... weighs 24 pounds and is 30.5 inches long (both 90th-95th percentile).

... wears 12-month and 18-month clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 4 shoes.

... is a walker! He is not a full-time walker, but he does a great job taking 5-10 steps at a time. Oddly, he seems to walk best in our grass outside, where the ground is uneven!

... loves basketballs, footballs, golf clubs, and baseball bats! He is all boy!

... is struggling a bit with sleep right now, but that could be due to those unending ear infections. He takes great naps during the day, but he is waking up 1-3 times most night. Some nights I am able to just walk in his room, turn on his music, and he's fine. Other nights, I end up snuggling with him for a while. It's hard ... we don't want him to get use to me taking him out of the crib if he's awake in the middle of the night, but sometimes his crying wakes up the girls. Sometimes he's okay, too, if I just sit by his crib for a few minutes. I do miss his incredible infant sleep schedule! (We were so lucky that our three kids were incredible sleepers as infants!)

... loves his sisters, but he can sure pick a fight with them! If he wants something they have, he will fight for it ... even if that means standing up, wrapping his arms around them, and tackling them to the ground. I know we shouldn't encourage it, but it is hilarious! He's one tough 10-month old!

... laughs so hard at Jordyn and Jayla! They can sure entertain each other.

... loves to play peek-a-boo. He will put the blanket over his face to cover it, and he will not take it off until we say "peek-a-boo."

... loves to swim!!! He is quite a fish!

... still does NOT sit still. He is on the move constantly. It's exhausting! :)

... thinks it's funny to empty the kitchen and bathroom cupboards/drawers.

... is eating mostly table food. He still loves baby oatmeal in the morning, but for most of his other meals/snacks, he is eating table food - and he loves it!! We haven't given him too much meat, but he does like chicken a lot! He also still takes 6 ounce bottles about 5-6 times a day. 

... has 8 teeth (four on the top and four on the bottom), but he drooling up a storm and chewing on things like crazy, so we are thinking that more are on the way.

... has been trying to crawl onto the couch, but can't quite do it. He tries so hard!

... has brought so much chaos and exhaustion to our lives by constantly being on the go, but we wouldn't change it for the world! We love that he is so healthy and active!!

Happy 10-Months, Jaxon Dean!

What have we been up to?

My posts this summer have been pretty sporadic. I was going through some picture files on my computer, and I found some from the summer that I hadn't posted it ... they are randomly posted throughout. :)

So ... what have we been up to the last few weeks?

*Jaxon is now 10 months old! AAAHHH! Post coming soon!

*I have some super adorable football pictures of Jaxon that we took. I was hoping for some awesome editing done by me, but I don't understand photoshop - even with phone tutorials from my sister. :)

*The kids and I have done a ton of swimming in the back yard. They are all little fish!

(Great Grandpa Gerry with his girls!)

*I took the kids to an outdoor play - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Justin's Grandma Marcia helped me out and met me there.

*I took the kids to a puppet show at the library. It was cute, but I am so thankful that it wasn't too long. The room wasn't huge and it was jam-packed with kids and adults, and I don't think any kid (or adult) in there had much patience left by the end. :)

*The kids and I went and watched Justin play softball a couple of nights. The girls had a blast playing with their friends Zachary and Brody. Zachary and Jordyn are great buds!

*Two weekends ago we were at the lake. We were able to see Justin's uncle, aunt, and cousins from IL. We enjoyed seeing them!

(A little summer project the kids made for their grandparents.)

*Jordyn has had 4 out of 6 soccer nights. All have been 95 degree+ nights. There is one little pine tree at the whole complex, so I make sure that I park Jaxon and Jayla in the itty-bitty shade given from that tree!

*Jordyn likes soccer, but we think she would like it even more if the temps weren't so high. They usually stop 7-10 times for drink breaks in the sixty minutes of practice.

*Jaxon has been to the doctor twice in the last two weeks. I took him to the pediatrician for his 9 month wellness check. As I was getting him out of the van, I noticed that his left ear was draining. Thank goodness that we were walking into the doctor. He weighed 24 pounds and was 30.5 inches long - both 90th percentile. He's a big kid! While we were at the the doctor, our pediatrician called the ENT and we all had a conversation together. We decided to continue the drops, and if it wasn't clear in 3 days, he would start an antibiotic, and we would also see in the ENT in about 10 days. The ear cleared up after 2 days. I still made the appointment for the ENT, which was just this past Friday. His ears had been fine, until the night before the appointment. The right one started draining and he was miserable. He screamed so hard Thursday night. By Friday morning it was draining blood. Scary! I'm so glad that once again, I already had an appointment scheduled! His ear is quite infected, but the blood actually isn't of any greater concern. It just looks worse. He is now on an antibiotic and the drops. The ear is still draining, but he doesn't seem to be in as much pain. Poor baby!

*Jaxon is walking! He is not a full-time walker, but he can easily take 5-10 steps! He knows he can crawl faster though, and he likes to get places quickly, so he will often drop down from walking to a crawling position. :)

*The kids are still loving daycare. Jordyn's preschool went to Dairy Queen last week. I went along with them. They got to dip their own Dilly Bars. They also have sprinkler days on Tuesdays and she still does Tumblebus.

*The kids and I just got home from a weekend at my parent's house. Justin was out of town for the weekend. The kids and I spent the weekend with my parents and siblings. We had Kandi's baby shower on Sunday. So fun! We also swam at BJ and Devin's house. I wish their pool was in my back yard. Ha! :)

*In the last month I have had several doctor appointments for my leg. I had some vein issues in my right leg when I was pregnant with Jax. My leg looks much better than it did, but I still have some pain in my shin. An ultrasound determined that everything is working correctly, but I will still have a procedure sometime this fall to clear up some of the areas. I opted for the fall due to the heat we have been having here. I might need to wear compression tights for just a few days after, and I do not want to wear them in 100 degree temps!

*We love the Olympics, and I am pretty sure that I could watch them 24-hours a day. I absolutely love beach volleyball, but I will watch anything. The girls were pretty annoyed on Saturday when I had the bike road race on for 4+ hours. Then the women's race was on on Sunday morning. Jayla looked at me and asked if there would be more crashes and people falling over. Then she asked when it would be over. Ha!

*Jayla is still our best sleeper right now! :) Like I've said before, knowing how awful her sleep schedule was for so long, we never thought she would be such a great sleeper! She is much happier with a better sleep schedule.

*Summer is quickly coming to an end. I feel like it just started. I have two weeks left before workshops start. My head and stomach hurt just thinking about that. I have a bit of anxiety with this new school year. All of our math curriculum is new - and there's a lot of it. I did four days of training last spring, and I have two days this week. I'm stressed thinking about it.

Well, that gets us caught up a bit as to what we have been up to! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last weekend was spent at the lake. (Yep, another week late on posting this!)  :)

We had great weather. We spent some time on the boat, time at the pool, and time at Arnold's Park. The girls hadn't been there for about a month, so they were pretty excited.

Jax is such a trooper!

The girls did all of their "normal rides" and then they decided they wanted to try the trampoline! I honestly didn't think they would do it, and after waiting in line for 40 minutes, I was pretty sure I was going to scream if they freaked out once it was their turn.

The girls completely shocked us, both went on the tramp, and had a blast!!!!

All hooked up and ready to jump!

And she's off! She had so much fun - she smiled and giggled the whole time!

Super high!

We really didn't think that Jayla would do it ...

... but she surprised us all ...

... and had a great time!

We were pretty impressed that our little 2 year old had no fear and did this. It was funny to see how many people stopped to watch her!

Jordyn sat along the side yelling, "I'm right here, Honey. You can do it, Honey. I'm right here." Love the bond those two have! :)