Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zippity Zoo Day!

Last weekend we went to Zippity Zoo Day at the zoo. We have a membership to the zoo and have seen animals a ton of times. So this time we spent most of our time at the zoo playing on the blowup toys and playing games. The girls had a great time! :)

This little guy is such a trooper! He just goes with the flow and is happy to follow his sisters around.

Jayla looks like she is crying in this picture, but she was loving every minute of the jumping house. :)

The girls will probably be bummed that the blowup toys won't be at the zoo the next time we go!

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Lee Anne said...

The love for blow-up jumpy things doesn't wear off for a long time as we rented about 5-6 of these for the Creeker night at the end of the year. 6th graders loved them! Of course, they were huge, but still...

Happy summer! Looks like you are taking advantage of every single second!